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  1. I had to buy the complete unit from nissan for my r34. I could not source just the clip on its own anywhere unfortunately. Nissan Frankston. About 12 months ago
  2. I had one stuffed coil pack and it made my car miss fire intermittently. One spark plug looked a little different in the fouling. Because it was only sometimes it had not changed the plugs appearance a lot. I changed all coil packs as my car has done 185000km and I just bought it so I don't know when they were last changed. Either they have done a great amount of KMs or they have been changed once before as they normally last about 100000km.
  3. So were 5 wet? Was it running than you removed them so they could have gotten wet. Plugs that work will not be wet because they burn the fuel. If it was running rough than you pulled plugs than they could have a chance to get fuel on them on the cylinders that are not firing.
  4. Fuel filter blocked maybe, or AFM dirty. Also sounds like a hose split or loose like suggested. Listen for a air leak if you can?
  5. Hello I am a new owner of a R34. Can someone please fast my vin. ER34-012320 Thank you.
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