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  1. Sorry I have just checked back when I ordered brand new genuine ones. P/N is 38220-0V771 (left) and 38220-0v770 (right). I punched in the P/N's and it linked me to OS Giken LSD which lists R32 GTR, ER34 and Z33 on there. https://www.streettuned.com.au/shop/all/os-giken-super-lock-lsd-nissan-skyline-r32-gtr/ I would assume if I replaced with those part numbers with the 6x1 half shafts it would go straight into my diff coupled with a set of 6x1 GTR axles and hubs? Ive just removed the right side half shaft from my center and confirmed it is a 30spliner.
  2. Just to confirm 30 spline half shafts are interchangable between eachother? I have a Nismo 1.5 way with I believe R34 GT-t 30 spline half shafts. I've been looking for info that early 32 GTR 30 spline half shafts will fit so I can upgrade to 6x1 axles. From what I can see they look just about identical except for the obvious flange differences. I need to pull my half shafts out and see what I've actually got as Nismo sometimes do some funky stuff using 2 of the same shaft etc.
  3. We did another run on the dyno the next morning no changes to the tune and went 908rwhp. Put a couple degrees timing in and went 912rwhp on 33psi. Friday I got my new varex muffler on. Really surprised how quiet it is closed up its weird ? decided to get it turned down so you can't really see the valve easily. Thinking about painting the inside black so it hides it more. Need to get it pushed back to the bumper a little bit as it sits under the car too far. 20200417_172400.mp4
  4. Chucked her on the roller this arvo to clean up the tune a bit. All going well made 900rwhp on about 34psi. Still have to play around with timing and also add a bit more boost in hopefully go closer to 1000rwhp. 20200414_170637.mp4
  5. She's alive again! Still gotta do new wiring for gearbox but waiting for a few bits and pieces. Ive ordered a guard roller and picked up a heat gun so I can flare the guards a bit to fit 275s under the ass end. Also got a new DA and some cut and polish to give her a good clean up. Few scratches and swirl marks to get out of her. Should keep me going for a bit while we can't drive anywhere... Snapchat-2117516364.mp4
  6. Finally got my catch can all finished today and made up all the lines I needed. Come up pretty good. Also 98% finished my fuse box relocation as well. Just need to join a couple wires and run power to the fuse box, tidy it up a bit and test it all. Going to make a cover for it as well if i can fit it just to keep rocks and stuff from flicking up and damaging anything. Thinking I might make up a custom coolant overflow tank and also a washer bottle for max street cred ? I'll get some measurements on monday and get it all cut up and folded ?
  7. You'll run 11s easy out of it. I ran pedders coilovers and had 17" rs3s on. Ran 11.7 like that while still manual. Went to mickeys on the rear and ran an 11.6. Went to glide setup and went 11.2, got the converter tweaked and 10.8. That was on 450whp, 500whp with manual and then when I went glide it made 440whp.
  8. Thanks mate. Yeah still on factory rear end. Have got a Nismo 1.5 way in there with 3.69 gears now. Havent done a hit with the new setup but previous setup I did a 1.642. I'm sure with the new setup I'll definitely break one at the strip. But for street stuff its been fine so far. Got the catch can welded up today. Fits in there nicely ? Tomorrow I've gotta make up some brackets to hold it in place and pick up some fittings and also a weld on drain and get her finished up. Should look pretty hectic with 5 lines coming to it ? I'll get it powdercoated once its all done as well to match the plenum and turbo. Also got new stickers yesterday so wacked one on to see how she looks. Came up alright. If I get some time tomorrow we'll slap the other side on too. Box should be finished later this week, hopefully have some time over the weekend and we'll get her back in and running.
  9. Been back in brissy with this whole corona thing going on atm so thought it's a good time to get some stuff done on the car. Got all the stuff for the catch can and cut it all to suit. Still have a little bit of trimming to do on some corners and things to get it perfect but so far so good. I have marked up where the holes are going for the weld ons. Just need to cut them out now and we'll probably weld them from the inside keep it looking a bit cleaner. Will have to go get a few fittings and stuff to make up the new lines for breathers. Also got cracking on my fuse box relocation. Getting there just 2 more relays to wire up from the factory harness which is horn and foglights. Then just wire up transbrake and auto cooler fan. Still waiting on box to come back hopefully ready this week coming.
  10. ASR sump turned up on Friday. Pulled motor out saturday and got it on. Really nice piece of kit. Changed head drain to turbo side. Waiting on catch can to be finished so we can make up lines to the sump. We ran into a little problem with clearance with the sway bar. We will have to space the sway bar down maybe 15-20mm so we can still retain it.
  11. So the ASR sump is probably a week or 2 away now. Slightly changed the fitting setup. Am now going 2x -12s on intake side to catch can and then I'll be running the head drain back to the exhaust side. This should be able to release all the crank case pressure now and hopefully stop filling the can. I pulled my box out last week gotta take it to my builder and get him to fix the leak on it. Finally wired up my speed sensor from the diff. Unfortately we can't make the stock cluster work with it so I'll have to wait until I get a digital dash to have a working speedo but atleast we can setup boost/speed now. Decided to finally wire up my reverse lights onto the transbrake too, will give me some light now when I'm reversing and let people know I am. Also removed my fuse box and coolant overflow bottle and measured up for the new catch can. Couple little changes to do then ill get it cut and bent up. I also got defected last monday when I was going to take the car down to the shop.... Got done for exhaust tyres and no mod plates. I got the car mod plated now, just need to put my 18s on when im driving around. Might have to put mickeys in the back of the car when I go racing. Don't really have a lot of options exhaust wise. I wanted to put a varex in previously because its loud on the highway and when im cruising around and getting home late at night. The cop tested my exhaust, was 95dB at idle and 112dB at 4800rpm. Im also going to see if they get plumb both screamers into the dump but make them removable like my old setup was. Car should hopefully be all finish in the next few weeks and then we'll get her on the hub and ready to send down the strip in winter ?
  12. Not a whole lot going on lately. I got my diff rebuilt with 3.69 gears. Has brought my rpm at 100km/h down to 3000rpm. She's hooking a lot harder now as well with the suspension and diff ratio change. Had 37psi in her from 6250rpm at rolls. I also changed up my surge tank wiring and put in relays with inline fuse holders. The old relay/fuse combo would get very hot and I think it was creating more resistance in the circuit causing the fuse to blow. Went out to rolls and seems to be all working fine now. Having problems with the catch can now she's spewin a bit of oil out into the current can. Plan is to relocate the factory fuse box and make a bigger can to fill that area. Will also integrate a washer bottle into it as well. I am also going to get a bigger sump made up by ASR. I think with the power of the car and g forces we definitely need to go to a better baffling/trap door setup along with their custom pickup. I will be setting up the sump for the current -10 head drain and also will be adding a -12 fitting for a sump breather to also run to the catch can. That will total 2x -12 from block/sump for crankcase pressure ventilation and then 2x -12 from the cam covers. Hoping that should stop or atleast help my oil escaping and also relieving the drains in the head to flow more efficiently. Heres a few pics and couple vids from last rolls. 20200125_181946.mp4 20200125_195703.mp4
  13. So she's just about all done now. Had her on the dyno yesterday to run it in. Had a couple issues that we sorted out as well. Surge tank setup was melting one of the fuses. Got some info from AI and rewired how they said. Moved back to 30A fuses and haven't had any problems so far. We also had a trigger issue at around 5500rpm. Pulled cam trigger off and reset the airgap to 1.5mm and seemed to fix the issue which was good. First pull after the error he eased into the throttle and managed to punch out 780whp at 6500rpm. With the bigger turbo and bigger rear housing the boost has gone up to 30psi on the gate now which is not ideal but oh well. Need to make it hook up now and it should be pretty quick.
  14. Fastest and quickest red street rb34 r33 gtst with sunroof on a 255 radial. Should be able to hold record comfortably
  15. The beast will be ready to rumble this week (fingers crossed). Tried cranking for oil pressure yesterday but no go like last time. Had to start her up and got oil pressure straight away. Had a trigger error so ran a bit strange. Went over it today and I forgot to plug an earth in so no more trigger errors ? Found a leaking coolant adapter as well so need to replace that then good to go. Need to weld up new elbow off turbo and block breather fitting then chuck it on the dyno Also picking up a 3.69 diff to swap gears into my housing which will sit me on nice highway rpm and should help spinning as well.
  16. Finally got a headgasket for the beast... Slapped it on on friday night. Then yesterday and today started bolting more stuff onto her to go back in. Finally got it all on today, pulled gearbox out and dropped the motor into position and got most of the wiring hooked up. Looks same same but different ? Need to get a few fittings for the new block breather and weld a bung onto the catch can for it. Need to make a catch can drain line so we can drain it easily when we're racing (hopefully blowby will be sorted now). Also need to weld on a new elbow on the turbo to match up to the cooler piping. Ill be chipping away at it this week. I think ill get the box back in first then get everything else sorted after.
  17. Also run it in my car via the Link G4+ GTR as well. Have fuel pressure sensor and setup differential pressure to cut once it drops below nominated pressure. Still running 3x 460s full time to lazy to setup staging of 1 or 2 pumps.
  18. Not much happening lately just been chilling. Got my motor back few weeks ago with a couple upgrades on it. As you can see in the 3rd pic blocks now grouted for street use. Should strengthen her up a bit for when we try push close to 1200hp out of it. Just a bitta safety and peace of mind. Put in a -12 block breather to relieve crank case pressure to help let the oil drain down quicker and also stop my dipstick from being ziptied in ? I finally got it on the stand and started chipping away at everything I could do on it before head goes on. Just need to get some sealant and couple gaskets and the bottom end will be ready to go again. Also borrowed some 275s off a mate and sorta managed to squeeze them in. They are very tight and I'm not sure if they'll clear once the tyre gets some heat into it. Along with some cheap adjustable coilovers I got so I can play around with ride heights with hopes to get it to distribute weight a bit better and get some more bite on the tyres.
  19. Yep built 3.4 with a fairly big 26 head, no gas and through glide.
  20. I've just found out that the "7675" I thought I had was actually a 7175 rated to 985hp. Explains why it was so responsive and why my IATs were so high on high boost ? The 7275 Gen 2 should be a pretty stout turbo considering its rated at 1200hp and biggest housing offered is a .96 which should mean it will possibly spool a bit quicker than my 1.12 7175? Mine started to max out low 30s so im not sure how well matched the compressor is to the turbine but the newer wheel might make it better. I've now upgraded to a 7685 so we'll see how that goes. Will report back once shes up and running again.
  21. Not much happening lately. Sold my turbo and bought a 7685. Found out that my old turbo was actually a 7175 not a 7675 like I thought. It did well considering it is only rated to 985hp O.O Bit worried about the the new turbo being a fair bit bigger now and also going from a 1.12 to a 1.28 rear housing. Hopefully the 3.4 with my converter still gets it onto boost ok. But it will definitely rid the motor of any restrictions now. Will chuck it on the dyno and see what she makes and most likely have to drive around on low boost to have any chance of hooking up ? Definitely need to sort out some suspension, diff gears and some 275s...
  22. Selling my PTE 7675 1.12 turbo. Turbos mint condition no shaft play. Ceramic coated rear housing. Selling due to going bigger. Made 1021hp on 35psi Will come with front cover in 3rd pic with 3.5" vibrant clamp SAU special 3k Pick up Brisbane Northside but can post at buyers expense. Listed elsewhere
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