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  1. Problem solved i adjusted the idle control screw
  2. Hey guys problem solved it was the turbo timer i unplugged it and now it doesn't click
  3. Hey guys iv'e got 2 relays behind the ecu in the passenger kick panel that will continuously click(It can be heard out side the car very easily ) when the car is locked, does anyone know what the relays are for and know why they might be clicking
  4. Yeah mate it's got a stinger ECU but I don't think that's the problem because the cars had this setup since I've owned it and it started having this issue about 6 Months in to owning it (also had a tune from a well respected tuner in my area since which did not fix the problem)
  5. Hey guys I've had a problem with my r33 for a while now, If the engine gets hot (on a cold day this wont happen unless the car is thrashed) it will stuggle to idle most of the time resulting in it stalling when not under load but if I put the ac on it will idle at the normal range for about a minute then go back to stalling Edit: If i change down gears slowly it will not stall when i stop, But if i suddenly press the clutch or put it in netural whilw stopping it will stall also the car does not have an afm
  6. i have the complete loom and ecu for the rb25 is there anything else?
  7. Hey guys im swapping my n/a S1 rb25de to a series 2 Rb25det and i was just wondering what things will i need to make it a straight swap e.g will it bolt straight onto my gearbox and will the engine mounts be the same cheers
  8. Hey guys in a month or 2 im swapping my old Rb25de with a stock Rb25det and i wanted to immediately upgrade the turbo one that can go straight on the stock manifold(bolt on) just want something bigger than the stock turbo
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