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  1. I will be there in a black 33. Well if repairs go to plan. I dropped it off the black stuff at haunted hills over the weekend and bent the LHS lower control arm. I'm hoping that is the only issue. Tegan
  2. I will be driving. But Andrew should be right to help out in the morning [emoji16]
  3. Thanks they hadn't been secured yet so easy to just take them out :-)
  4. Hello :-) funny question but do i need to run back seats on track day?
  5. Hello :-) I just bought a fire extinguisher, its a 1kg cams approved, the date on the neck is 03 2016. The lovely man at the shop assured me that it was the make date i just want to confirm. Is it valid 3yrs from that date? Im having trouble getting my head around whats an expiry date/make date. Any help would be appreciated. Tegan
  6. Turns out i have probs blown a rota :-( so wont be there in the fd. Will have to see what i can do
  7. I will be there for the morning session. I had already booked it :-) im new to sau so say gday (red fdrx7)
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