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  1. I also have the Fc Commander on my R32. I believe its a turbo timer to help oil the turbos before the car turns off.
  2. Tomei or N1 Oil Pump? HI I have established that my original 92 rb26dett oil pump cant keep up. I will get up there in the RPM range (5k-6k) and i suddenly lose all oil pressure. Dropped to 0 on me at 6K. Im now looking into the tomei or N1 r34 oil pump. Or even a electric external pump. What do you think will be my best bet. Thanks.
  3. I dont know if i have the funds to party that hard. I already have the rear steering delete bar.
  4. Okay thanks guys. Im going out now to turn that good boost up. Im definitely not going to beat on it. No more burnouts
  5. It is very clean but alot of smoke on the decel. 165000kms on the clock and the rear crabbs everytime i take a turn at low speed. I have to take out the rear and see if its a spool or the rear is just messed up. I just set the boost to .7 and the base duty to 32 (honestly idk what base duty is). Thanks for the help guys.
  6. The car is currently tuned and has 427 all-wheel horsepower. Features include air conditioning, power windows and power steering. The rear wheel steering has been removed. It has an upgraded front bumper with the Nismo N1 air ducts to help cool the intercooler, and it's been upgraded to R34 Nismo N1 turbos. It's also equipped with rare Nismo oil separator, Apexi power FC standalone ECU and DBA and slotted rotors with Endless brake pads. Interior features include racing steering wheel, Tomei shift knob, Recaro racing seats with RJS 4-point racing harness. It has Innovative Wideband, Tomei locking rear differential, Skyline GT-R front strut tower bar, rare Cusco 4-point rear strut tower bar and Cusco rear stabilizer bar. All rear bushings have been upgraded to polyurethane bushings. It's also equipped with Apexi air-intake kit, GReddy oil cooler, oil filter relocation kit, Mishimoto aluminum radiator, HKS hard-pipe kit and Fujitsubo equal-length downpipes with a full Tomei Expreme Titanium exhaust. It rides on Volk Racing TE37 wheels
  7. Recommended Boost HI i am new into the whole small liter turbo cars. I recently bought a 1992 R32 GTR and I am currently running at the stock .5kg boost. I recently met some random guy at a show and he was telling me not to go over that and how he blew his up doing a brakestand. (I was bouncing off the rev limiter at 1.09kg doing a breakstand just before). Just to be safe I thought id ask what your opinions are. What boost should i run at?
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