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  1. 1994 R33 skyline cutting out Hey guys i was hoping someone could help me diagnose a problem i'm having: So i have a 1994 R33 GTS-4 N/A Auto, lately I have noticed that my car keeps cutting out when i'm driving it, it almost always happens when i give it too much gas (starts revving again when you release the gas a little bit) and when my fuel tank is under halfway full. A bit of a background: I have had a faulty coil pack replaced the car was only running on 5 cylinders, i have replaced all spark plugs to new NGK's, new AFM, new (second hand) transmission and new radiator and other things that wouldn't be related. The fuel pump has also been replaced because the old one when i got the car was not working, the fuel pump is a fairly cheap universal one off eBay. Also the exhaust on my car is way too big for a non turbo car so the i was told the timing might be out of whack, plus this only starting happening when i accidentally backed up into my mums car and put a crack in the exhaust. So i myself am thinking either the fuel pump is not pumping through enough fuel, or it has to do with having not enough back pressure in the exhaust. Any help would be appreciated, thank you. Update: I was just downstairs moving the car and it wouldn't start the first time and i never usually have a problem starting my car especially after i have been driving it, also smells a little rich.
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