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  1. So i drive a 1996 r33 gtst and i am having an issue with my interior lights, the front 2 dont work at all and the middle light is doing some weird stuff. If the light is set to turn on with open doors it stays off with the doors open and when you close the doors it turns on. If the door is closed and the light is on and i press the light switch for the front light it turns off the main light. And also if the light is on (again only turns on with doors shut) and i lock the car the light gets brighter. I have absolutely no idea what is the cause any help is much appreciated
  2. is there much trimming needed for the lip (will it hit my inter cooler piping?
  3. hey dude with your front mount what does the piping look like in the engine bay i am wanting to clean up my engine bay without having to get a ffp.
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