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  1. Hmmm maybe I should give that a try, I seem to remember there was a setting for audio and phone separately, is that correct? For the moment I gave in and started using a USB cord instead, which of course works really well but I run into the problem that theres a warning message over the top of the info area on the screen that says something about no audio files found. Which is clearly wrong as its displaying whats playing on the screen behind it haha.
  2. Hi guys, just wondering if anyone had any luck fixing this issue? Im having the same issue on my 2009 Skyline Crossover, maybe not as severe as some though. Mine drops out, and reconnects by itself around once every 10 mins, although sometimes my music will start to stutter for a minute straight, but this is rare. Still yet to try a non iphone though. Edit: also have the issue that the screen will show whats playing once it connects, then the screen freezes and doesn't update, and eventually goes blank even though something is still playing.
  3. Hi all! Sorry to bump an old post but just wanted to get opinions of actual owners! I recently bought a Crossover at auction in Japan, and it arrives on the 24th. I currently drive a Toyota Crown that has a Japanese head unit, but all I need to use it for is the Air Con (which is in English with pictures) and I stream music from my phone. It looks like the Crossover has slightly more features that the Crown that I would want to use, but i'm hoping that I can get away with just learning where everything is so I have opted to not get the head unit translated to English because of the cost. I'm wondering for people that have not done had theirs translated, do you wish you had? Cheers!
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