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  1. Any responses? I’d like to know too... I’ve had a few of my previous Skylines at Tuggeranong Auto Electrics over the years, but the problem with any business is that staff come and go. Just don’t take it to Nissan in Phillip. They’ll screw you blind with an import.
  2. Hi team. I own a 2013 Skyline Crossover 370GT (J50). When I lock the car, the mirrors typically fold in, but they’ve suddenly stopped doing that. It’s happened before after a service and I took it back to them and it miraculously started working again afterwards - so it’s a setting somewhere. I’ve researched on this site and others, and I can confidently say that there is no button under the steering column for this, and the button on the door cluster is to manually fold them only. It’s not a mirror failure, as the manual folding works. Any idea?
  3. Hi. I can't offer you any joy but say that the bluetooth phone connection has always been dodgy with my iPhone 7 in my 2013 Skyline Cross-over. Further, the music tags reported on the console screen never displayed correctly either. Only way I could get everything working properly was to directly attach the phone via a USB cable - then all good. But I don't know if your 2007 V36 offers a USB port. My 2015 coupe didn't.
  4. I bought my 2013 Cross-over from Nagoya in Sydney. They had it converted over with maps for the sale.
  5. Hi. Sorry I missed this, but I note you found your answer in another thread. I've saved that link too JIC... ;-)
  6. Mine is insured with the NRMA. It's on paper as an Infiniti FX37 (yes, I know it's really the Infiniti EX37) because their system doesn't list the Skyline Cross-over and the FX37 is available in Australia so it Is listed. I'm covered with a file comment setting it straight though. But I suspect that the NRMA was willing to do that because i'm a mature-age driver and have had all of my previous Skylines (HR32, HR33 and V35) insured with them.
  7. Hi Dave. I think Win4ever mentioned he had the issue too. I don't get those warnings in mine (I've a 2013 model), so I've got to assume there is an option in the navigation menu to disable proximity warnings such as that. Not much help I know. Otherwise, the car is the Infiniti EX37 in the U.S. You could try downloading that car manual for your year and see if that's mentioned. Available numerous locations if you Google.
  8. Yeah, I moved my V35 coupe on to buy a Cross-over. I got tired of having a boot only big enough to fit a bunch of bananas... The Cross-over is really a V37 Skyline station wagon - it's the smaller Infiniti EX37 vs the larger FX 37. I like it but it isn't a coupe, and I can't do a round-about as fast as I could previously. It's feet aren't as stable. Still, It's a much more practical car if you want to stay in the Nissan stable. I'm not aware of any performance mods for it, and I'd be cautious about fitting anything for a 370Z, as the body is different (as therefore so would be the mounting points).
  9. Hi. Sorry - haven't been checking this forum for a while. I agree that the customer once a deal is done is no longer a priority with them. Otherwise, I only dealt with Alex and his off-sider, Liam. Sounds like it's good I never met his brother. Re 370Z air intake kit: which? If you're talking after-market straight-through pipe with pod or similar, I can't say. If you're talking genuine Nissan filters using the standard intake fitting, you just need to ensure they're suitable for the J50 engine.
  10. OK. Air filters a part in common with other Nissans, so not an issue. New cabin filter is a must if you haven't already swapped it out (Japan is very smoggy in parts). I had issues with Nagoya for my 2013 model. I hope they were better for your's.
  11. Yep - a very quiet car. Which air filters? Motor or inner cabin? And did you buy your's from Nagoya Motors?
  12. Hey Loh. My 2013 has had the menues converted to English, so I'll have a look over the weekend at what screens to navigate to to do some of the things above and report back. Otherwise: 1. What do you want to do with the steering remote? Pause the music? I'll check, but I think you do that by pushing the paddle switch in (which otherwise is 'select'). 2. My lane departure only works when it suits itself. Otherwise, there's buttons in the bottom of dash below right of steering wheel to turn it on or off. I'm suspecting that my problem is due to my auto elec snipping the wrong black wire when disabling my after-market immobiliser (required to pass Aust rego). Decided to rely on the factory one, as the after-market one effectively made the proximity key a key fob only. 3. I believe so, yes. I think it's an option on the nav sceen menu. I'll have a look. 4. Mine is just the Contimobilitykit too. I'm advised that's what the european cars are moving to also. I'm wondering what I'll do it I get a slashed tire out in the country... 5. Yes. I play music from my iPhone via the USB in the console box. I prefer to do it this way as the music plays louder (than via Bluetooth), and the nav screen shows the file tags correctly and consistently. When I play music via Bluetooth, the display of tags is hit-and-miss, and when it does display song details it'll stop displaying when the next track starts. I'll get back to you.
  13. I insured my old V35 with the NRMA (I'm in NSW/ACT). They also provide one windscreen replacement per year as an option (which is definitely worth it). My cross-over is now insured with them too. I don't think the issue is the car most times - it could be age of the driver.
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