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  1. Thanks Russ, are they import only?
  2. Yes I have searched and all the threads are circa 2005 and almost all the workshops I searched for are closed or aren't in Brisbane any more. Just looking for somewhere to get my R34 serviced, not looking at any tuning or dyno places. Google isn't giving me much.
  3. Still looking for one of these. Triple Sub Meter to suit a GTT.
  4. Hey all. Surely we have a large contingent here playing Forza 4 Horizon? If so slap your gamertags here. 👍
  5. Purchased second hand with brand new tyres. Don't fit my car. Tyres have seen 0kms of road. Three tyres are still wrapped from transport. Prefer pick up. I'm not a buisness so shipping is out of the question. Fitment is 18x9.5" +12 5x114.3 $5000
  6. Looking to buy new or used Triple Guage Cluster to suit a GTT
  7. They are wrapped in brand new Michelin pilot powers. Three rims still in the transport wrapping. Make an offer. 😅
  8. That's where I got my LMGTs from. I might hit them up and ask about those LMGT2s
  9. I take it even flaring is pointless or trying to get GTR gaurds is out of the question? Anyone want to buy some genuine LMGTs 😭
  10. How do I fix this haha. These are genuine RAYS LMGT Nismo wheels and they stick out so far it's not funny. First pic is the rims and tire combo on the car currently. Current set up: 225/40/18 New: 265/35/18 Car: 98 R34 GTT
  11. Heard Paramatta Rd dealers are specialists in this field. Maybe hit them up? Just kidding. No idea my friend.
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