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  1. Paul - Would love to have a drive! Although I may not give you back the keys... Steve - I have been exposed!!!!
  2. Well done Paul on trying a different route to what everyone else usually takes. You (and Unigroup ) have done very well to get the flex fuel and crank trigger working in sync to produce an awesome result. I must say I've been in (and driven) many GTR's but your car scared me a little being a passenger at Winton. I'm not a good passenger at best of times but the way this thing accelerated out of the corners was something else. It kinda of reminded me of Tangomatt's car, it's on early and the progressive and copious amounts of power just made this car feel bullshit fast. As I said to you at the Nats, if only I had this sort of power (and delivery) in my car back in the day.... Look forward to jumping in for another ride at next year's Nats....
  3. JAGR33

    End Of An Era....

    For those interested in seeing some videos of in car footage click on the link below. http://www.youtube.com/user/getreal95
  4. JAGR33

    End Of An Era....

    Yeah I enjoyed going through all the pics and seeing how other people's cars have changed aswell. I'm glad I saved them all over the years... Cheers for the compliments...
  5. JAGR33

    End Of An Era....

    Cheers for the kind words guys, good to see your enjoying the pics. Some of you are in the pics aswell if you look closely.. I'm told the new owner is enjoying it very much...
  6. Sorry mate, sold a while back now. Only the R34 GTR sump/diff remains....
  7. Thanks for the kind words Peter, check the vic section for a small writeup and history of the car. You have one neat car yourself with tasteful mods to boot, you should be proud.... Sad to see it go but unfortunately have to move on.....
  8. JAGR33

    End Of An Era....

    Sandown track day August 2007 SAUVIC Show'n'Shine December 2007 - Trophy for 'Best R33 GT-R' November 2008 re-sprayed the front of the car due to 'battle scars' from track days, fitted aerocatch bonnet pins and colour coded the front lip November 2010 fitted the Alcon V8 supercar brakes to the car May 2011 photoshoot for Performance Imports magazine Well that's enough photos for now. Over the years the car punched out the following times: Calder - 1:02.4 Phillip Island - 1:46.3 Sandown - 1:18.7 Winton - 1:33.4 Eastern Creek - 1:47.1 Oran Park GP (Superlap 2008) - 1:20.2 (on street tyres) I'm going to hold off buying another car for now, since I have the Evo to play around with on the track. Maybe in 4-5 years time I will look at getting another GT-R, R35's will be much more affordable by then...
  9. Well as most of you would know i recently put my car up for sale due to basically not having the time to enjoy it. Family and business commitments have taken a priority so unfortunately it had to go. Well on Thursday the new owner took delivery of the car, and walking away from it for the last time left me kind of empty inside. It was a hard decision to let it go but after 3 years of minimal use I had to be logical. After retiring it from track duties in 2008 I had the intention of building a 'dedicated' track car as I could not cope with the punishment and wear on the exterior, it was too nice to destroy the front of the car with chips and scratches from flying debris at over 200km/h. So I bought another rolling shell to transfer many of the quality parts required to build a track car (brakes, suspension, seats etc.) and had decided to use the 'ex-track' car for street duties. I inteneded on going 2.8 stroker with new track car, aswell as putting it on a serious diet. Well during this process plans changed in the form of 'acquiring' a cheap Evo 7. Yes I always bagged them and had never considered buying one but for the price I was offered to buy it was too good to let go. Plus by this stage the cost of finishing the track car was becoming very scary and unattractive, and being in the process of building a new house the logical thing to do was can the GTR track car project and keep the Evo to get my 'fix' on the track. After all it had been 3 years since I has driven on a track in anger, so it was a cheap way of getting back into it, even though the Evo was going to be slower and putting up with the 'hair dresser' jokes. Having bought the car back in 2002, it went through many different stages, from being a bone stock car to one of the quickest street registered full trim track cars in Victoria, the journey has been memorable one, and spending copious amounts of cash along the way I can honestly say I don't regret it. The amount of satisfaction I've had from this car definetly outweighs the bad times (yes there were quite a few). Over this time the car has won many awards, from both car shows and track days. In 2007 I came first in the SAU Motorsport Championship, as well as the WRX Club Championship. Anyway. enough of the bragging, the main purpose of this thread was to look back at the different stages the car had undergone, and to remember the good times (for me anyway). Most of you would have seen the car from cruises back in the early days to the track days it was attending on a regular basis from 2005-2008. I'm assured the new owner will look after her just like I did over the years, and frankly, got an absolute bargain. I won't say who it is but it is a fellow club member and somebody I've known for many years through the car scene. I'm sure you will find out soon enough... The car is also featured in the current issue (No.141) of Performance Imports magazine for those interested. OK, onto the pics..... Early days, back in 2004.. My wedding day in November 2004 First track day, fun day at Winton in December 2004 SAUVIC cruise in 2005 New bonnet and CE28N 's in late 2005 Calder 'Twilight' track day in February 2006 Phillip Island track day in March 2006 with 'the boys' ('Crazy Frank (White 33GTR), Aaron Panozza (White 34GTR) and David Heskin Blue STI Spec C) Autosalon show at GP 2006 - trophy for 'Editor's Choice' Winton track day July 2006 Sandown track day at Sandown August 2006 Eastern Creek track day November 2006 SAUVIC Show'n'Shine December 2006 - trophy for 'Best R33 GT-R' Colour coded bonnet and painted LMGT4's black in January 2007 Winton track day July 2007
  10. They sure did, at a bargain price to boot. The car is now SOLD.
  11. LOL Marcus!!!! Long time no see! Hope your well mate. Car is featured in the current Performance Imports magazine (Issue 141) for those interested in a read. May I also request that people stop sending PM's about selling the exhaust, it's already being enjoyed by somebody else. The car is also SOLD pending payment.
  12. OK, Racepace exhaust removed, replaced with a HKS stainless steel front pipe, super hiflow cat and 3.5 inch stainless steel cat back of Jap origin. Car still sounds quiet with this exhaust, will definetly not attract unwanted attention. Momo steering wheel also removed from car and replaced with standard airbag wheel. Greddy radiator removed and replaced with standard radiator, engine bay looks even more standard now... PRICE REDUCED TO $33,500 or nearest offer.... P.S, Thanks all for the kind words.
  13. Here's a couple of pics of the interior and engine bay. Will get more soon....
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