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  1. I was there,this 33 was fast,who's is it?
  2. Music industry specialist/manufacturer of tube amplifiers and effects.
  3. What you do is get in first ! I had a similar problem a few years ago and what I did was ring the police ASAP.Give a description of this road rager and a formal complaint,so if the guy rings the police YOU got in first and they ask him to come to the police station to answer some questions LOL It works like a charm.
  4. Music industry consultant ( Living End sound good?) manufacturer of guitar electronics,and Paul Reed Smith guitar tech.
  5. Optimax is much higher in sulphur than 8000 or BP Gold. I think they were going to phase out Optimax because of this.
  6. 82 280zx,F54 N42 forged flat tops balanced,cam,headers,5 spd blah blah. and it's a Nissan !
  7. Astronomy is my interest,Here is a pic from one of the boys last night from a back yard telescope.Good one Horus http://www.astromart.com/forumphotos/107323.jpg
  8. I have a nice stainless Momo 3" system for a 32 is you want.
  9. DavidU

    Car dealers....

    I have seen an ad for a line that said V6 .LOL
  10. Here is some independant oil test results. All BS aside,the only way to test engine wear is to test the used oil for particulates. Obviously if the Fe & Al figures are high the more wear you are getting. http://planetsoarer.com/OilAnalysis/OilAnalysis.htm
  11. The cop's I know are not at all racist.
  12. RW testers are liable in court if you or someone else is hurt ,or in any accident if the car is found to be un road worthy. Accident insurance apraisers do check. It is more difficult now.
  13. HQ 253 Premier. LOL
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