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  1. Southern Gold Coast Can organize postage at buyers expense.
  2. 32 Gtr custom intercooler 600x310x100 cast in/out and mounts 2 x R33 sideskirts 2 x R33 front guards L&R colour Black R33s2 front bar KR4 Grey Standard Enkei racing rims18x8 & 18x9 2 each with new Federal RSR rubber 34&38 offset R33 3inch stainless catback exhaust Rb25 fuelrail and injectors Standard R33 side blinkers X 2 (orange) L&R R33 GTR Brembo front brakes with braided lines Sard FPR Adjustable camber arms front and rear R33 Prices to be negotiated as I'm in no hurry to sell but open to reasonable offers. I also have nearly every thing to build a tough RB25 except for block and pistons any inquiries welcome All in good condition.
  3. I have been through 3 switches now. In each one it was the black plastic toggle switch cracking where the white plastic slides in and out on a spring, I managed to figure out that the spring is too long, and so makes the housing crack. I cut 3 coils off and it still works like normal but easier and still hasn't cracked.
  4. My control panel has failed, I know what is wrong and how to fix it. The problem with mine is the toggle button split and I've fixed it twice before but now the whole toggle has disintegrated and I'm finding it hard to even buy a replacement panel. So I'm hoping that someone out there has an old panel that they have replaced and i could use to fix mine, all I need is the plastic part that screws to the circuit board with the buttons on it. I am currently still using mine without the button panel by manipulating the switches with my finger which works fine but is quite distracting while driving. I know there are differences between series 1 & 2 but that is the circuit board and as far as I can see the buttons lay out are the same so either one will do for now. Thanks for any advice in advance.
  5. Do you want to sell the drivers side window button pad/switches?
  6. R33S2

    20Th Nov - Scc

    Ok I will meet you guys at Maccas. Are m35 stagea's welcome Noel?
  7. R33S2

    20Th Nov - Scc

    Google map <---- click
  8. R33S2

    20Th Nov - Scc

    Im IN! I will be travelling from the Gold Coast if anyone wants to cruise up to Aspley in in group let me know.
  9. R33S2

    20Th Nov - Scc

    Be good to catch up with some people.
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