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  1. yes and no. SWC is the same it seems. I use USDM controls for the cruise kits I make. no issue there. now if we are talking center controls - yes those are mapped differently. I got caught on it and learned a $700 mistake the hard way.
  2. thats later than 2009. 2009 was still analog video locally. that one is digital. that said it could very well be a EU spec car. can you get the body harness for it still? you are well and truly in with a shot if you can.
  3. Chaser is not too bad to work on. The electrics are a bit better as well. 35 series in the first run 2001/2004 had all sorts of headaches. Read the FAQ for those.
  4. Doesn't sound right to me. Did they give you a VIN?
  5. the infiniti brand wasnt sold here offically with local software until 2012 - are you SURE its a local car you bought? post pix of the panel and I will tell you. video on the nav models is digital - it is NOT DVI or HDMI.
  6. Ok so this drops the battery and the alternator feed? Alarm is still on the hot side of the battery and still active regardless of switch positions.
  7. ^^ hit the nail on the head. People want this done for nix and expect it to work first go, be able to blame someone if it does not. TO THOSE CONTACTING ME FOR ENGLISH CONVERSIONS: I HAVE NO DONE THEM SINCE 2009. NO I CANNOT TELL YOU WHERE TO GET IT DONE. hopefully this is clear enough to most of the newbies that feel the need to join, PM me , and disappear. Parts , yes I can get them. Will I sell them at cost . No.
  8. You would be better off finding an N15 pulsar door catch assembly and swapping it in. You will not need to adjust that at all.
  9. Nope. I quit mucking with them a couple of years back.
  10. Facebook must have reloaded them. I have all of them off line anyway. I have it at my shop now and fiddle with it when I get time. Not a lot done over the last 6 months. Been buying bits though.
  11. on the premise it is the EXACT SAME CAR TO SPEC. nothing.
  12. freeway car audio - 9794-6420 stylyn car audio 9739-8866 no you can't get an itemization its general number I use. to qualify people. either of those shops can help but I will forewarn you that the $1200 budget will barely cover your request.
  13. To be honest I quit doing this a fair while ago. So as far as having a monopoly on it. No. There are plenty of people in oz capable of doing this but they will all refrain from sharing due to the amount of whinging that's associated with it.
  14. Modified eu platform. Seen that of the Infiniti gear. They use a D40 navara map to run it. Been there already.
  15. Depends on the screen. I'm about to buy another screen, I can get a second if it's the same one.
  16. Suitable ring terminal on it will suffice.
  17. This is a later motorized screen. Similar idea. Toshiba supplied. The board supplies all of the signals to run it.
  18. Geoff, Screen is a sharp or Panasonic in the m35 from memory. It needs a data feed to fire it as there are 4 inputs that need to be setup. The 34 is a 5.8" unit and easier as it is a sharp unit. I have the datasheet for that one and if you can generate RGBS then you are on your way. That unit is a twin input with a logic trigger to select it.
  19. Yep fedor karmanov and his people. Fully aware of him. Point I'm making is when you present an idea someone else sees a cheap way of doing it with disastrous results. Worse when they start hacking on harnesses and render the car useless. I'm told this is the case with this one. Problem being is this. We both know the car is unique to japan and nothing else direct swaps into it without modifying hardware or software. Doing hardware as we know is expensive. Doing software on it requires a custom solution that few want to pay for (and the reason I quit doing it) . E51/E52 el grand are similar platforms to these cars but few are going to play with those. Those vans are in English in Singapore and for what it's worth I have the service manuals for both. Now in saying that I can almost bet someone tries to swap the main controller in one and destroys something.
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