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  1. i do know that i lose some out my cam cover gaskets
  2. isnt that alot to burn in only 3months of normal driving considering its not blowing any smoke though?
  3. Hey i have an R33 GTST and 3 and a half months ago i ran an engine flush in the oil and then dumped it and put a new filter on it and filled it with new oil, it fixed my lifter noise completely and it sounded brand new, now i used a cheapish semi synthetic cos i wanted to dump it and put some good stuff in it after a few months anyways but last night i went over a speed bump and i saw my oil light come on for a quick second so i pulled over and checked it and noticed that there was not enough oil in it to even register on the dipstick, i put oil in it and it took almost 2 and a half litres to get it back to full. So the oil was full and new only 3.5 months ago and now it was so low it wasnt touching yhe dipstick even, but the car is parked in my shed all the time and i only drive 30mins a day and there is no oil on the shed floor and it doesnt blow smoke at all so where did that oil go in such a short time?
  4. looks like the car that was in squids yard in sebastopol, carnt remember if it was a white r33 or r34 though
  5. anyone?
  6. Hey im after one of these shifters in the photo, i could also do with an r33 selector bit that has the gears on it that lights up that the shifter fits into, mine has a crack in it.
  7. oh isnt it in the black box in the engine bay, have you tested that aircon relay in that box yet?
  8. yes there is indeed a relay, but not sure where in the car it is located
  9. i will see if i can find out for you, but it makes sense, you can manually power it by delivering 12v to it so my guess would be there is a relay somewhere that is stuck or dead and its not switching the 12v to the aircon. There are many relays in the r33, its just trying to narrow down which one it might be
  10. there maybe a relay somewhere that has gone, dod you check out the wiring diagram for the ac to check
  11. and does anyone have a pocketpc program called ecuxtend? its like ecutalk but much more advanced, but it's unavailable to buy anywhere on the face of the earth
  12. hey i like having as many programs as possible, i have nissan datascan, scantech nissan, ecutalk, tecu and a heap of others but these are the main ones, now i brought a secondhand copy of conzult full version and i didnt know that it was the conzult tuner z32 edition and obviously it wont work on my r33, i needed the conzult sx version, does anyone have it and can tell me what its like and does anyone know anyone thats selling there cooy of it?
  13. ok i have a question, i just tested the resistance on my coilpacks, now i have a series2 so im not sure if its supposed to be different but i read that i should get between 0.6 and 0.9 ohms and im getting 1.66 kilo ohms, but i saw a guy testing his on youtube and he was getting similar results, so does anyone know if the series 2 are supposed to have a very high kilo ohms resistance instead of a small ohms like a series1 has
  14. if i go new would i be best going spitfire or audi r8 coilpacks like i saw on a gtr on some site, looked nice and worked out cheaper, but obviously wiring loom needs to be modified, and does anyone know if the audi r8 coilpacks would work on a s2 gtst or just a gtr
  15. hey i have a question for anyone that has these jpnz manuals, first off it seems that there are 3 books, engine manual part 1 and part 2 and a chassis manual, the engine manual has been split into 2 books and i was wondering if the 2 books have the same content as the engine manual that is floating around in pdf format? cos i read that the first book might be exactly the same as the pdf and that the 2nd book is wiring diagrams but i dont know for sure. I thought the chassis manual had the wiring diagrams and stuff, so could someone who has all 3 books please tell us what is in each book please. Also i am wanting to buy a secondhand copy of the chassis manual if anyone has one they dont use