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  1. hey i need to replace these, easy job and i have no problems doing it but i am curious if anyone has used the blue gaskets from ebay, some are selling the kits for around $160 and some are selling the exact same kit for around $70, and there are alot of different prices in between as well, but i was wondering what the quality of the gaskets is like
  2. hey i have an r33 gtst and the internal contacts of the solenoid that give power to the starter motor are stuffed but the solenoid is a sealed unit so i carnt remove the back of it to put new contacts in it so does anyone know what new solenoid will fit my starter motor? one that has a removable back so if i ever have a problem i can replace the contacts in it, there are just so many aftermarket solenoids around and its hard to know what one will fit perfectly
  3. hey im after a silver r33 gtst s2 bonnet in victoria, preferably closest to ballarat area but if i have to travel i will, im looking for one in silver with no dents so it can be put straight on with no painting needed
  4. i need to find a secondhand set to test out, i need a new bonnet cos i hit a kangaroo last night anyways
  5. oh sorry i ment the premium 95 but now does it on 98 as well, i never run on 91 unless emergency and i have octane booster in car just in case, i feel like its coil packs cos maybe it started after i put the coil pack cover back on im not sure, i never used to have it on
  6. hey my car has been doing this for a long time now, it seems to pop pop pop pop and hesitating if im taking off from a stopped position, if im gentle it doesnt do it but if i take off a bit quickly it will do it, it used to only do it with 91 octane but now does it even on 98. Its much worse on hot days, it happens alot worse on high boost but still does it but not as bad on normal boost. Could this be coilpacks? the car is an R33 GTST S2, no real mods and high boost is only 11psi and low is about 6psi
  7. does anyone know if having a skinnier top radiator is going yo effect anything like restrict proper coolant flow or anything and lead to overheating?
  8. this mackay replacement hose is alot smaller diameter, it wasnt easy to stretch it over the radiator outlet, it says its the right one but it must just be a terrible attempt at a replacement top radiator hose for an ree gtst by mackay
  9. Hey i just brought one from bursons who says its the only one listed for my car but it looks alot smaller/skinnier than the one on my car, it is a Mackay CH3195. On its sticker it has that it is for 1991-1993 rb25de but my car is a 1996 rb25det, so does anyone know if the non turbo r33 uses the same top radiator hose as a turbo one?
  10. the teins have always been very firm from the day i got them, i noticed it more when i put 19’s on the car
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