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  1. its been a while and im wondering if anyone has seen one anywhere yet?
  2. its been a while and im wondering if anyone has seen one anywhere yet?
  3. awesome thanks for the help mate i appreciate it
  4. are you sure thats from too much heat, i just thought it might have been its original color and just hasnt rusted all over it just yet lol
  5. hey im looking at buying a stock exhaust manifold from a guy and i noticed in the photo that someone has ground down the center divider in the turbo outlet on it and i was wondering if it will be a problem, originally it was a thick divider going right to yhe top with a notch cut out of it and he has ground it right down alot, will it be good still?
  6. i live in ballarat and im looking for a close exhaust manifold thats not warped and has a good face on it
  7. Hey i have a couple questions about this show that has been bugging me, and before you say anything the answer is yes i am aware it is somewhat scripted and i know there is nothing illegal about it and they have permission and police help keep it all safe and stuff, but anyways my questions are these first off why do they choose nitrous OR turbo, why not use both, well in only upto season 6 and some of them go from nitrous to turbo and they always talk about turbo cars being the better option and stuff, so why dont they use nitrous as well when they go turbo? secondly im confused as to how cash days work, just about the cash prize amount. like they had 32 racers with a $1000 buy in and they say winner takes all $56,000, maybe my maths is bad but shouldnt it be 32,000 seeming 32 racers each put in $1000 obviously in missing something lol
  8. did you clean it and the fingers and check with a multimeter to make sure it was reading correct ohms, i remember doing it and it took a few cleans to get it right, even tho it looked clean after the first clean it just didnt read right
  9. they were different posts like one asking if there are any aftermarket direct fit manifolds and stuff, and yes i told them what happened and put a link to this thread, i didnt think that was against rules, i could have got good help from someone who hadnt read this specific thread in it but you thought it best to delete them, just seems weird seeming these threads are to help people, i really do appreciate your post and it is very helpful for me and others but other peoples posts and thoughts are also helpful and didnt really need to be deleted in my opinion, but i see the need to keep the forum clean but they wernt the same threads reworded. The more replies with helpful hints and thoughts the better. Anyways i think it might have something to do with my timing being out from the belt needing to be changed a lot of kms ago, but yeah i will give everything a good checkout, thanks all dor the help
  10. hey i have an r33 s2 gtst and i need a new timing belt on it, i was wondering if the gears have marks on them that you lime up with the belt so that it is installed perfect, i know it needs to be tuned and stuff after the belt is installed but if i can change the belt myself and be able to start and drive the car safely then i can just get the timing tuned. I was just worried that if it didnt have marks so i know the right alignment of the gears that i could damage the engine when i go to start it
  11. and a very good question about the washers, i had a few studs broken so i removed the manifold and removed all the studs and replaced them, they were a little longer but fit well, im pretty sure i used those special concaved washers but i will double check, i do know that after i tightened them all up i did not ever check or retighten them, im not sure if i was supposed to have done that or not??
  12. the car gets no track time and i dont thrash it, so this is just normal use
  13. i dont know if it's white cos before i installed it i had it sandblasted and i painted it with a vht exhaust paint that was aluminium colour
  14. Hey i have attached a photo of what happened to my old exhaust manifold, i noticed the car started to sound louder and louder from the engine bay and when i took the cover off i saw that it had cracked and seperated into 2 pieces, i could stick the tip of my little finger into the gap, anyways i got a secondhand one and put it in and its been fine for years, but lately i have noticed it making the same noise as last time so i think its cracked again, why would an exhaust manifold do this for so often? why would it even do it at all? is it something common?
  15. still looking