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  1. hey i was wondering if anyone has a secondhand copy of the jpnz r33 full chassis workshop manual that they wana sell
  2. hey i can get a tenzo aluminium wing pretty cheap but it is missing the 4 mounts that you bolt onto your boot so that the 2 aluminium risers can be bolted to, is it worth getting it and trying to find the mounts?
  3. hey is there any way of telling if a coilpack is a series 1 or series 2 just by looking at it while its off the car. I know they are different and the s2 have an inbuilt ignitor in them and i would have thought they would have had an extra pin or something but they dont so if i seen a photo of one i want to know if there is a way to tell if its a s1 or s2 just by its looks, there must be something cos the plugs dont fit eachother
  4. im sick of the amount of bugs getting into my fmic near my place, its like plague proportion sometimes, so how easy is a bar and plate intercooler to clean?
  5. still looking for a set in victoria so i can come pick them up
  6. hey i was wondering if anyone knows how i could blackout an r33 interior without having to get the whole dashpad and door cards recovered, i think there may be a special paint to paint interior parts but not sure about the actual dash and door cards and stuff, its a vinyl wrapped over plastic with thin foam inbetween i think it is so i know i could get it recovered but i wondered if anyone has had good success with the special types of interior paint, i want it all black
  7. hey i was wondering if anyone knows or has put factory suspension from a 4door r33 gtst into a 2door gtst, i know that my stock ones were sold to a guy who had a 4door and they fit straight up so im 99% sure the other way around is the same but it would help me if i hear from someone who has actually put a set of 4door stock suspension into a 2door before.
  8. sorry thats for an r33 gtst by the way
  9. hey im wondering if anyone knows exactly where each of the ignition wires go and what they are exactly, White/Black = Red = White/Red = Black/Red = Black/White = these are the wire colors, i can test with multimeter if i undo everything and get to it or i can guess what should be what but i am wondering if someone actually knows what each one is without guessing and saying red is probably constant 12 and this is probably that etc etc...
  10. hey i seen how there is all kinds of carbon fiber wrap out there now 2d 3d 4d 5d haha some look realistic but without seeing it in front if me its hard to tell, but i was thinking of covering most of my interior parts like shifter surround and door pieces and dash surround and stuff, so my question is has anyone done this and know of anyone that does this where i can send my parts in and they wrap them and send back to me, and does anyone know what the the 4d and 5d stuff looks like close up
  11. i was thinking around $100 to $150 max if they are in good condition
  12. yeah my tein height adjustable ones passed roadworthy a few times and they didnt say anything about them, but i was just after a cheap set of stock ones right now, already shelled out a heap on doing timing belt and replacing an exhaust manifold that had broken in half, so cheaper the better
  13. good stuff mate let me know how you go installing them and if it is as easy as it looks and works perfectly once its done, at least you will know the cogs will last forever
  14. i thought there would be tons of victoria members with sets of stock suspension they have laying around after upgrading to height adjustable ones