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  1. At least they used grommets lol, seen them put through raw before and it makes you cringe
  2. Are de and det neo valves the same size? If yes there is a de neo head on gumtree
  3. NEO25T

    Or flip it like a low mount
  4. That would be with a multimeter 😀
  5. Unfortunately i didnt get to meet Andrew as a mate picked up the kits for me but he was very helpful and easy to deal with. The kits look great and im very happy thankyou 😀
  6. Just ask them what their salvage value is for the car, then low ball them. Say its got sentimental value, might work....
  7. NEO25T

    Quick run on the dyno today just to have look at things, no tuning has been done with this turbo setup but was previously tuned with an unknown high flow on 14psi. Currently does not have the boost controller plumbed up and has 14psi gate pressure with a turbosmart 50mm on a 6boost manifold and 5862 turbo. The dyno graph shows rpm about 300rpm different to last time it was on there, makes it look a bit laggy but it feels not that much different down low from the high flow and is a completely different car now through the mid range and up top. Currently has 11 degrees of timing from 4500 rpm and up at 18psi. Its given me a bit of motivation to get the new motor together and get it on e85 and turn it up
  8. Yeah didnt think the offer would stick but cant hurt throwing it out there 😀
  9. NEO25T

    No just need a time out lol, im use to things not working out the first attempt or 2. This car really should have been deregistered and sent to scrap but i kind of liked it so gave it a home, its been an interesting/ expensive 12 months of ownership......
  10. NEO25T

    Nice at least you will know exactly whats what in there now. What rings, ring gaps you planning to use?
  11. Not interested in a bike by any chance? 2012 zx636, under 2k on the clock
  12. NEO25T

    Oh well there's $1745 of machine work down the gurgler, there were a few other issues too so might just bin it as i dont trust any of it now. Just have to save up and get another block,crank, crank collar and ring set and start again.
  13. Sounds like a pulley or ac tensioner bearing. Easiest way to rule those out is by taking the fan belts off one at a time. I would still take the intake off the turbo just to have a look anyway
  14. NEO25T

    I wonder if different manufacturers collars are slightly different sizes. Not a precise measurement but the crank measures 35mm where the collar slides on
  15. NEO25T

    Im thinking lightly warm with heat gun and give it a twist to see if it moves. On the other hand the loctite and grubscrews should hold it? Possibility to have it welded maybe, im just not sure. Hi octane posted a pic on facebook where a crank nose had snapped off, so ive got it on my head this is going to do the same lol. Its dangerous when you have a little bit of information......