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  1. Is someone able to explain the difference between running the bottom of the header as per pic compared to the lower radiator hose
  2. I would sure keep my distance from you if i was a neo part lol
  3. These guys have new ones advertised pretty cheap
  4. Any details of the specs of the new motor?
  5. What psi is this running, nice result
  6. I thought that sounded pretty lumpy, heres me thinking these cams were going to idle almost like stock. Hmmm i might have to go back to last year and order different ones lol.
  7. Ill have a better look at it later this week but im sure you can basically cut that top part off and just keep, how do i explain it, like 2 posts where the rail bolts down. Then screw or weld dash fittings in to the water points you require as they will still be accessable. Bit of stuffing around to fit injectors but for people that have nothing better to do it might be an option.
  8. Ok on the 34 the heater outlet through firewall and hard pipes that run behind head are 19mm od and hoses are 19mm id +-
  9. It may have a mounting plate for short shifter on it which can be removed and the normal shifter will work. Thats what happened to me when i got a gearbox conversion.
  10. Sorry mate they are standard neo heater hoses but in a r34. If you want i can measure them up in the morning, i was going to today but machine shop called and distracted me saying my block was stuffed and to find another one lol
  11. My inlet side is off as well as all the hoses eccept for the heater. If you need pics or measurements of anything let me know and ill do my best to help. thats the best pic of heater hoses on my phone
  12. Hey mate i was told to use a xr6t cat for epa testing. Might be able to weld some flanges on and stick it in, could work out easier
  13. Cool thanks for letting us know, thats mad hey 😀
  14. I decided on magnaflow so went down to a place near by to get them, they actually suggested to me to use smb but it was christmas time and they had already closed for the break. I went home thinking smb and ordered some other mufflers for it online lol funny how that seems to happen.....
  15. Many years ago when i use to paint cars we would just use normal paint stripper. The trick is to give a quick scratch up with some 80 or 120 grit, dont use any force as you only want to scratch the surface. After this apply it with a brush in a lighter coat, dont pool it on excessively and done like there were never any issues. Only time we used a different stripper was for some rubber moulds that were painted but it was stupidly expensive and didnt work great.