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  1. What throttle cable are you going to use? Can you clock the tb 180 to get the cable to run on the outside
  2. NEO25T

    They list all the dimensions in the catalogue on the precision website
  3. NEO25T

    Yep not a neo head
  4. NEO25T

    Providing no one has changed it, neo cam covers do not use those bolts with the bolt seals either
  5. NEO25T

    Above exhaust ports 2-3 you should find a number cast, 5l8 for turbo neo and 5l7 for non turbs
  6. There is a guy that posts on the facebook pages peter gtr or something like that, says he will do blues.
  7. Its starting to take shape of a sports sedan with the big flares, well it does to me anyway lol. I think its going to look pretty cool and interested to see the progress, definitely going to be watching 😀
  8. NEO25T

    Ive got an op6 highflow that was removed due to upgrade. Had no issues at all, i have no info about the turbo as it was on the car when i bought it
  9. NEO25T

    How much piston to valve clearence do you have? I just done this but used the checking spring method, got some light duty springs from bunnings and switched these in cyl 1 and 6 on an inlet and exhaust valve. Was able to check clearence from 20 degrees btdc to 20 degrees atdc every 2 degrees to see exactly how much clearence there was. With the light springs installed it was as easy as gently pressing down on the lifter until it made contact.
  10. NEO25T

    Can get the fuel cell foam from rocket or probably on ebay too
  11. It goes to a bleed point from factory so that might be the best place to run it
  12. Ive only got a part time motor going in at the monent so will leave this alone for now. I did tap the other one for a -12 fitting to go in so i dont have that fitting on the back of the thermostat housing any more, keep changing my mind how ill set it up
  13. I dont have a close up pic but i put a plug in the turbo water return and 2 bleeders in the manifold The idea was to slip some hose over the bleeders and connect to a bottle that can hang from the bonnet while bleeding the system, just to keep coolant from getting everywhere. Havent thought too much about this lately as i dont have a running motor so dont really need to worry about how to plumb the water system up
  14. At least they used grommets lol, seen them put through raw before and it makes you cringe
  15. Are de and det neo valves the same size? If yes there is a de neo head on gumtree