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  1. I ran mine under the car where the standard lines were, just had to open up the plastic clips that held the old lines. I ran -8 feed -6 return, no surge tank in mine i just ran 2 walbro pumps in tank
  2. Yep just unbolt it as well as the power steer pump and put a strap around them to hold to the side out of the way
  3. My battery to #30 cable is 00 gauge and heavy insulated, bit overkill for 2 walbro pumps but at least its there for if i decide to relocate the battery later. In this case, like most cases bigger is always better 😀
  4. The ecu grounds the fuel pump control wire when ignition is switched off so if the pump has a direct 12v run to it, it will run with ignition off. Once ignition is on the ecu leaves the pump control wire grounded for a few seconds then makes it an open circuit till you start the car. That's how I understand it, may be completely wrong so you have to make up your own mind sifting through all the info online. I didnt add a fuse in that drawing as I'm not smart to have put one in but will probably put one between the relay and pump to protect the wiring, again u have to make up your own mind on this one too 🤔
  5. I just want the splash tray thing and/or no silly offers lol
  6. These are direct fit injectors to suit neo motor, no modifications to mount and factory wiring plugs straight on. They are suitable for use with e85. I had these in the car for maybe 12 months and 2000kms, no issues at all, only changed out for larger injectors. Will swap for R34 under engine splash tray or sell $150 Located NSW 2566
  7. I dont know how u get that back one off without bending it, i just had a quick look on kudos at a new one lol. After some massaging with the hammer and a few squeezes in the vice to straighten it, mine is uni directional and can go on either way 😀
  8. Yep upgrade the wiring while your at it so nothing to worry about
  9. Just get injectors with a good spray pattern, very important....
  10. I put a good bit of assembly lube in the pump during assembly, to get pressure up on the gauge it took 5 or 6 5 second cranks of the key
  11. Yep can use it with platinum pro but as previously suggested I would go elite if I were u
  12. Does the window slide freely (without force) in the tracks. Sometimes the rubbers can move and make them jam, but to be honest i havent looked inside a skyline door however silicon spray works wonders to stop this happening
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