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  1. Just ask them what their salvage value is for the car, then low ball them. Say its got sentimental value, might work....
  2. NEO25T

    Out of curiosity how did you block the pipes? The easiest way i found was to bag the end of the pipe with black plastic and clamp it back together. What spark plugs are in it, thinking back mine cut out like a rev limit at 6k when i got it. The plugs in it were nasty and new ones fixed it up
  3. NEO25T

    Maybe unbolt oil feed from turbo and try again, at least u will see what side its coming from
  4. Maybe pump is shagged, not saying to do it, but if it was me, id block the return line and prime it up to see what happens. Also check voltage to the pump to see what its getting
  5. NEO25T

    Isnt there a vac line on the turbo outlet that goes to the power steering, also has a vac line on the steering that runs behind timing cover to inlet manifold, leaking pcv into cam cover. Not sure if thats correct but its how i remember it being
  6. NEO25T

    Ok its taken a while but the fab work is done and the 5862 is on, unfortunately its on the old motor with old intake and fuel system so it will still be a little while before everything is finished off, but hopefully not too long lol
  7. You havent got fuel going in the out port of the reg? Not sure if it would make a difference or not
  8. The standard mesh was quite unimpressive when i opened up a cover I took advise from iruvyouskyrine and did the fuel cell foam method, havent started the car yet but its got the old oil blowing motor back in it so will be a good test.
  9. I didnt know these even existed lol, shows what i know..... Id buy it
  10. Cant get an adapter and use the factory reg? would be more reliable than a copy reg. You should pull the non working one apart to see whats causing it not to work
  11. Try a different gauge on it, otherwise might be time to invest in a decent reg
  12. Does the pressure change when the vac line is put on
  13. Now i want to measure my cable lol. Read somewhere recently that the non turbo neo cable is often used for ffp as its a touch longer than the cable on the turbo models. During that reading session people say rb30 cables are used as well as s14 which are 100mm longer than r34 cable. This is all unconfirmed internet gossip though lol
  14. NEO25T

    I wouldnt remove fuel lines off the tower if i was doing it again, they were already released and out of the way to make way for the new fuel system and motor which flopped so i stuck the standard stuff back in so i can drive the car again
  15. NEO25T

    My wiring was out of the way as was the fuel lines and filter. I just put the ratchet up between the runners from underneath. My rocker cover, throttle body and injectors with harness and fuel rail was all on