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  1. Espo

    2008 Deca Update

    Sounds great, like a mini Sau Dutton with out the cost. Do you need stickers? I'll be there if I get a spot.
  2. I wish I could be there but afternoon shift on that day is not going to allow it. Have fun and have a good christmas.
  3. Make sure you watch the end. If it's a repost sorry but it's good enough to watch twice. http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=825_1195149600
  4. Thanks heaps for the photos Sarah. I'd been waiting in anticipation for those mini wang shots and was not dissapointed. You managed to also get my out of control slide that would have slapped me hard if I was on the street. That's why deca is so great you get the fun driving done safely. I kind of felt weird, out of control and with a cone flying at my drivers door. cheers
  5. Had another great time. Big thanks to all that make it happen!!!!
  6. I was planning to cruise past there about 6.30. Do I really need to leave any earlier as I have to pick someone up? It's been a while since I've headed up Sat.
  7. Espo

    Happy Bday Tx5!

    Happy Birthday mate!
  8. Espo

    Sucks To Be Rich

    I hired a small cat/kat? at hamilton island last year and really enjoyed, Chris organise to take us out on your yaught.
  9. I'm going to come up for Winton and will meet up at Donnybrook Shell in the morning.
  10. I can't make tues nights anymore due to job changes. Have fun.
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