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  1. Car: ----- '90 Nissan Silvia -Manual -Recent Charcoal Respray (paint and body is near perfect) -Mechanically A1 -Low Kms (will have to check) -rego till may 05 -new discs and pads Mods: ------ -Evo 5 FMIC -POD -CA16DE Cam -3" exaust -Near new GTR fuel pump (receipt) -High flow t25g turbo Interior/Stereo: ----------------- -perfect interior -sony xplod headunit -sony xplod 6x9's -good front speakers (can check brand) -boss steering wheel -Greddy boost guage Car is near immaculate and is driven very softly. Car is not driven regularly. Price: $10,500 Car is located in the Sutherland Shire, South Sydney Any inspection welcome. Pictures Pic 2 Pic1 to view pics copy the links and post in a new browser window Call 0416223127 or email ejnor77@uow.edu.au Thanks Evan
  2. sly, 115mph... thats impressive!! so you extracted more power from the 2530? what power does it make now @ what boost? i just did 12.97 @ 104mph which i thought was a low mph. the difference between a 2.1 60' and a 1.8 60' for me ended up being almost half a second at the end of the track so with some more practice and sticky tyres you could have a VERY low 12 in the bag. congrats! Evan
  3. i ran 12.9 @ 104mph in a vl with rb20 and 199rwkw old 225 8" circuit slicks 1.8 60' oh, and 48 runs in a day, but i snapped an axle yesterday Evan
  4. i just snapped an axles coming around a corner with my foot off the accelerator
  5. ok rb20s are strong saturdays drag day i did 48 runs a new WSID record, i turned the car off once or twice for 10mins all day, i literally did a run went around and did another temperature stayed very low the whole time, at the end of the strip when i was doing a u-turn temps were back to my normal cruise temp. best run was 45th run. 12.987 @ 104mph 1.8 60' i have 199.6rwkw hks 2530, gtr inj, wolf, eboost car was strong as an ox all day i ran about 6+ 13.0* rb20 power!!@!!!! Evan
  6. two.06l, nice racing i enjoyed it, i remember one run i had with you i ran 176km/h which was 10km/hr higher than any other trap speed but i jumped the start and didnt get a time, doh! you got a 13.0 i think that run, i will have to search through the piles of slips. Evan
  7. Awesome day, Whee do i start Brett you are a champ thanks for the opportunity to get me in to drag racing! Thanks for the support Adrian, Rick, R33VIT. Abo Bob thanks for the good racing it was mad! Started the day with advan semislicks @ 20-25psi (cant remember) and got a 13.9 .. i was stoked. Then i slipped in to the 14's for a while then started getting 13's with a best of 13.6 bfore lunch, at this stage I had 20 runs. At this stage the 60' times were 2.2-2.4 At lunch I put the old 225/650/R18 pirelli slicks which had seen better days but on the first run the launch was amazing. A 13.3 and I knew that a 12 was possible. I had 48 bloody runs, 48!!! I couldnt beleive it. I ended up running a 12.987 @ 104mph with 1.8 60', my best 60' was 1.7. I got this time 5 minutes before racing ended and it was great to see everyone cheering, the support by both members and the officials on the day was awesome. N.B. The officials were ledgends, I wasnt expecting that. Another highlight was the other VL getting a 10 on their last run, congrats. Hows about that 180 getting a 10.. woo!! Anyway I had an awesome day and at $3.125 a run I think I got my moneys worth. Thanks again, Evan P.S. I hope everything is good with your car Rick, you didnt deserve that shit to happen.
  8. there will be one, only problem is one of my nuts has been rounded so i gotta drill a stud out tomorrow so i can change wheels. other than that i heard a certain GTR driver will be washing my car in his wifes sunday best? *doh*
  9. i have a cousin Andrew O'Rourke, i wonder if its him, is he in the finance industry? Evan (O'Rourke)
  10. Great days, I had a ball, Good to see Beau come first as he is as consistent as they come and can drive his sprinter, 3 shire boys that all went to the same school in the top 16, 1 top 8, 1 won... SHIRE SHIRE SHIRE Evan
  11. when on the dyno my car had problems with missfiring at anything over 17psi, now on the street it can spike to 18.* psi with no missfire, the tuners said the problem was the wolf had 4 ignition outputs and they had to work too hard doubled up (?), What ignition do you use with a 20psi+ rb20? I want to up the boost to 1.4bar. Evan
  12. on the dyno my car missfired at over 17psi so i couldnt get more power and tuning at higher boost, is this a problem with rb20s? Evan
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