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  1. I need two round knock sensor plugs with a wire tail ASAP PM me if you have some
  2. Can angle and couple of injectors so just going to do the whole lot. Its a non factory loom in it so can't buy off shelf one unfortunately
  3. Have broken a number of my connectors on my engine harness. Im having troubles finding new connectors to reterminate the loom. Aside from going to nissan (which are useless in this town) does anyone know of a place that sells new connectors to suit
  4. Do you have a rb25 manual gear lever/shifter amongst your treasures Noel??
  5. Chasing a gear shifter if it was a manual PM me if you have one with a price
  6. Chasing a stock length r33 25 manual shifter. With circlip and ball preferably. Send me a pm if you got one
  7. Was the rear shim put back in behind the crank pulley when belt was installed??. that would cause the belt to naturally run on rear of pulleys
  8. Next step has been started. DRIFT CAR MODS. full GKTECH v3 arm kit, solid subframe bush kit, rear knuckle setup, twin caliper hydraulic handbrake setup to be installed large photo post to come in next week or so once a lot of progress has been made Wont look like this once when it goes back in
  9. Its a start to power. Found that the GTX are pretty lazy on low boost levels. give it some more and watch the power jump up
  10. Nothing to report yet still waiting on GKTECH parts to be sent. How did yours go mate
  11. I put money on its running too much fuel pressure. Restrictive regulator
  12. Weird that someone posted on this the exact day it was being worked on. No boost controller yet BUT!!!! Not sure of exact date but it wouldnt of been 3 weeks after the last post i made that i get a phone call from the owner saying its broke again..... sigh. While being driven around town one of the belts started to squeak a bit, so owner decided he would go to the closest "closed" road and give it a squirt to just clear out the gunk......what followed was a complete dumping of bodily fluids in a trail behind the car. Something in the cooling system failed. The belt squeak must of been coolant starting to leak out onto them. Towed car home checked it next day to find as much water as could put in it was running out just as fast from the water pump/head area. At that point the owner said fk it im not fixing it, thing can sit for a while sick of dramas (dont blame him). This week we decided to pull it apart and investigate..... What we found was the welsh plug in the front of the head had somehow popped out This is exactly how it was sitting behind the cover waiting nicely for us to remove it Looking at the ghost marks in the head, the plug was installed crooked in the first place and was only "biting" on the very edge in one spot. We never replaced this plug when we built the engine as the head was reco'd by previous owner......oversight by us. Fresh brass plug inside (correctly this time) Video of start up after sitting unmoved for couple of months.....Poor little lifters havent had a drink for a while http://i56.photobucket.com/albums/g188/nick81xd/Alans%20rb25%20engine/th_VIDEO0228_zpsd83mgvg1.mp4 Oddly enough when stripping down i found the inlet cam was a tooth forward of mark . We have no idea how that has happened as it was checked few nights before the tune, We have a little bit more work to do before drivable but will have to check the tune AGAIN to see if it was tuned with the cam advanced......May drive like a completely different car and pick up some power somewhere in the map. On a non engine related news. Owner ordered various front arms, a complete rear arm set and rear hub/knuckle assembly this week from GKTECH. So when those parts all arrive i will be documenting all of the work put into installing that kit. Time to stop messing around, playing games and get the car ready to be given a hard time at the track.
  13. Nothing worth reporting on, waiting on the new model boost controller to come out.....dont know which one though, some jap thing with a fancy screen. Owner has just been driving it and trashing it when he can. Engine holding up well, Only starts to get any blowby oil when its due for a service which is good. Owner currently overseas so car is just sitting for the moment.........i do know where the keys to it are hmmmmmm
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