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  1. looking to get rid of this in one go. white, No drivetrain, is rolling, most interior left, no doors, no seats, no fenders, no bonnet, no front end. been hit very hard on the left hand side. (not repairable) engine/body Harness's complete. compliance plates all good, was licensed isnt now, was not written off. Offers. thought I had pics of current condition but cant find them. Will update with pics shortly. pic attached is old and for an idea only. Most parts you see are gone.
  2. Have one on my wreck at home, can check the quality and work out a price tonight text me 0403600810 cheers
  3. Was good to see and meet a few of you lads, Unfortunately i had a few small issues with the Gtr this year.. Was absolutely devo, waited all day to run those off streets and on the last cruise session popped a fuel pump fuse with a dead short somewhere between the battery and the relays in the boot.. and 10 mins wasnt enough time to fix!! But a quick fix allowed me to drive it home, was sh*tting bricks driving past the cop hiding in the bushes on yanchep road with the slicks on though!
  4. Have bought parts of yasky here in Perth before, definitely not a rip off and if remember correctly he GAVE me the all the gtr boot trims for my brothers car when I bought a set of 600 coil overs of him.. And I agree, put down a deposit and don't buy... You lose dep
  5. air leak,cooler pipes/afm.. does it hold fuel pressure after the prime?
  6. Joel ive got a 26 greddy one around here somewhere, not sure if it suits 25 though... or you could just stop being a tight ass and buy the nissan one
  7. hey bro you got the GT-R badge?

  8. Ok still heaps of bits left, got a bootful of engine bits aswell. will put some updated pics on tonight of everything that's left over lots of trim bits left too.
  9. Ok still heaps of bits left, got a bootful of engine bits aswell. will put some updated pics on tonight of everything that's left over lots of trim bits left too.
  10. johnnyt


    even when it does get here on the pump, id be concerned about the consistency with the mix. rpw sell it for around $550 a drum i think..
  11. yeah sorry, got a bit sidetracked..
  12. Pro Engines CNC Machined Nissan RB20/25/26/30 Oil Pump Drive Collar Our Nissan RB Oil Pump Drive Collars (also known as Crank Collars) are precision CNC machined from Chrome Moly barstock. Our collar replaces the narrow oil pump drive originally machined on earlier Nissan R32 RB26DETT crankshafts, as well as all RB20DET, RB25DET, RB30E and RB30ET crankshafts. It can also be used to replace a worn oil pump drive on R32, R33 and R34 RB26DETT crankshafts. Our collar provides full engagement on the inner oil pump gear which greatly reduces the likelihood of oil pump gear breakage in these engines. Each collar is supplied with detailed instructions and fasteners. Machining is required to fit this collar and therefore it can not be fitted to a crankshaft while still fitted to an engine. We can supply and fit the collar to your crankshaft for AU$350, or AU$550 to chemically clean your crankshaft, supply and fit the collar, check journal sizes, micropolish the crankshaft journals and fit screw in oil gallery plugs. We have collars in stock ready to ship. AU$150 each or AU$125 in multiples of 5 or more this is pro engines.. probably be worth sending your crank and pump over to him! have dealt with him in the past and he is tops... very clued up on 26's
  13. why not collar it? only requires, machining down and interferance fit/grubscrew
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