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  1. Thanks Guys had a wonderful day. Had flowers delivered to work and flowers brought home, my favourite. Had a surprise call from my brother who flew in from Darwin and spent the night with us last night. Played Poker and drank Beers and had a BBQ was awesome fun. Well I havent got a bike.. yet! Working on that. 21 again.. Hell yeah. Groundhog day!
  2. Hahaha Thanks guys. Brad you can have your car back when I get my new one. Till then suffer in silence please. P.s The Birfday fairy didnt bring me a Bike
  3. Brad and I have a Pure Bred Shih Tzu he will be one next month. His name is Mater after the Banged up Brown truck in Cars cause when we got him he was so small and his face was all goofy and squashed up. So So Cute Also got a Grey and white cat who is about 8 months old, her name is Storm as she has a grey face with like a lightning bolt down her face. Nice Both her and Mater are the best of friends, Opposites attract I guess haha. No More animals for now though, the Green Eyed Monster would kick in I think with Mater. He is very much a Lap Dog and has his routine.
  4. No Worries Guyss.. Benson/Stealthed. PM me to make sure it was sent to the correct address as I have sent the packs out dude!
  5. GR33DIE


    Hmmm Wilfred is watched in our house.. Brad (R Dirty 3) has watched it for some time, cant say that I have reallllly gotten into it, but it tickles his fancy. SBS has quite a few good shows on it... I dont mind OZ Thats pretty good, but our all time favourite is SHAMELESS, thats such a classic show and cant wait for the next season to come on.
  6. Brad wants a Mightyboy now Scotty instead of a Bike, What have you done ehhhh! Small yet Defined huh!
  7. Where The Streets Have No Name - U2
  8. Hey Hey Lauren, Likewise.. It was a good night, looking forward to the next and I wanna have a lookie at the ring..
  9. CongratzZzZz to you Both. All the best and enjoy!!
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