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  1. this will be sold via ebay (still going but there's a bid on it)
  2. hey fellas, I bought this chain and ABUS padlocks from a Sydney locksmith last november to secure my boat trailer to a electricity pole outside my house. boat's now been sold and iv'e relocated to melbourne so PICKUP ONLY on this item due to weight (Box Hill South, Vic). It's a 10ft / 3m hardened steel chain made specifically for securing motorcycles, trailers and such. Also 2 ABUS padlocks (one bigger to fit the chain and one smaller). The chain uses 13mm hardened steel links and is fully jacketed. The ABUS padlocks each had a security cylinder installed with registered/secure key ie. the padlocks cannot be picked or bumped. Neither the chain nor the padlocks can be cut with bolt cutters, you'd need an angle grinder and plenty of time to cut through the 13mm links (even longer on the padlocks). Only one registered key but 2nd can be provided by ordering from locksmith who has the code ($40 from memory). I paid $350 for the chain (was on sale) and $100 for the bigger ABUS padlock and $80 for the slightly smaller. Then $100 for each padlock to have the security cylinders installed (can't be picked or bumped) so a bit over $700 Perfect for securing a motorcycle, trailer and maybe even a car. I used this to secure my boat trailer as it had to be parked on a busy street and almost got stolen on day 1. Asking for $500 or best offer.
  3. As new, used only a couple of times paid $249 for it last december but sold boat now so no longer needed. This is the best all round battery charger for car/boat batteries and suits even AGM batteries which require higher input voltages to recharge. Selling for $160. Pickup from Box Hill South, Vic or shipped oz wide for $15 Cheers Dee email me at [email protected] or call on 0422203458
  4. nice 34 mate .. here I was 18 months after I sold it, not having been to this site, reminiscing about it and what do I find as soon as I come on here lol Wish I had the funds I'd buy it right back off ya. I'm now driving a Pathfinder and life is just that much more dull. Fark me. Good luck with the sale! (hope the mods don't mind this post)
  5. Just a few more night shots taken by a professional photographer (not photoshopped but obviously some cool camera techniques)
  6. Always garaged and serviced only by Unigroup Engineering. Has only ever had BP Ultimate for a drink and Motul oils in the 3 years I've had it (first Australian owner). Makes about 195rwkw on 11 PSI. Stock engine internals incl. turbo but was tuned by Toshi using stock ecu and daughterboard. ENGINE: - Stock engine / turbo with genuine 89,000 Kms. - New NISSAN Timing belt and NSK timing / tensioner bearings and Nissan water pump changed a few months ago by Unigroup - 40mm dual core aluminium radiator - new fan clutch - Splitfire Coilpacks - stock airbox with high performance filter - brand new battery purchased 2 months ago INTERIOR: - all seats reupholstered with creme coloured leatherette with NISMO embroidery. Centre console and door inserts matching. - grey factory carpets removed and replaced with jet black carpets throughout - genuine NISMO mats front & back - all upholstering work done professionally - RaceTech gauges (blue leds) replacing the old factory ones for Voltage, Boost (PSI) and Water Temperature - GTR dash insert (charcoal) - dash cluster lights replaced with blue LEDs (matching the stereo and triple-gauges) AUDIO - front speakers and tweeters installed by FHRX studios - Dynamat in front doors - Active ported sub in the boot (120Watts from memory) strappped down securely and can be removed easily to free up space. - Kenwood CD headunit with USB input EXTERIOR - NISMO rear bar (not to be confused with the common Nissan Altia bar) - IMPUL side skirts - factory front bar for practicality - 20% tinting all around - LED tail lights (custom design) - LED boot lid lights - genuine XENON Hid lights (factory option) 3-way adjustable and HID parkers + NISMO eyelids - genuine NISMO front and side blinkers (charcoal/smoked) WHEELS AND BRAKES - 18 x 8.5" DTM wheels (charcoal with polished lip) - Maxxis flagship directional performance tyres - plenty of meat left - RDA slotted rotors - QFM HPX brake pads - wheels have some typical gutter rash (quoted $200 to fix) SUSPENSION - Bilstein (german made) suspension installed by HEASMANS with circlip grooves for height adjustability - Whiteline heavy duty sway bars - Whiteline springs (firm enough to provide good handling but not over the top) - new bump stops and all new bushes (Whiteline) - 4 wheel alignment done for performance handling EXHAUST - free flowing turbo-back system incl. - JustJap dump pipe - highflow cat - HKS Silent Power Cat-Back 3.5" sys Price is $18,000 ONO. No low ballers please and NO SWAPS. Plates come with the car (DR34PR aka "The Reaper") and cost $90 a year (RTA) or you can swap them for standard plates. Located in FIVE DOCK NSW (near M4 exit onto Paramatta Rd). Got the cash / finance approval ? Call me 0413 337 146. No test pilots - no one gets in the driver seat without a $1,000 security deposit and signed waiver.
  7. Gtt battery is in the engine bay. I'm using a solite cmf45r. From memory it measures 22.5 x 12.5 x 23
  8. I've been dreadding getting a new battery for a while now as mine has finally started to show its age after 4 years or so as I thought it'd cost me $300-400 for a decent drycell. Turns out it's only $103 from this mob at St Peters in Sydney http://www.unitedautoparts.com.au/p/1191506/solite-12v-battery-cmf45r.html That's the exact same battery I've had in my R34 GTT since I got it 3-4 years ago and considering I have a bigass audio system and do mostly short trips and drive with my headlights on all the time .. I think it'd done a wonderful job. Anyway, thought some of you might find this useful too because I couldn't believe my luck when I found the exact same battery for so little $$$ HTH someone.
  9. I'm moving out this weekend (Five Dock near M4 exit onto Paramatta Rd) and need to get my fridge, bed mattress and washing machine (front loader ie. heavy) out.. But I have a bad back and need to get this stuff out. I won't need the washing machine any longer so if you're in need of one you can have it. Just one catch (like with most things in life) I need you to come with a mate and help carry a fridge and a big mattress down a single flight of stairs (about 20 steps or so). Load it onto a ute and unload at destination which is literally 500m away. So all in all about 30 mins of work for 2 blokes. You get to keep my Bosch Maxx 800 front loader (about 5yo, used approx. once a month by myself only) as reward. Or if you don't need a washing machine, then $100 cashola your way. Either way I need to get these 3 things (washing machine, fridge and mattress) out this coming weekend, preferrably Saturday. The mattress will be wrapped in purpose made bags and taped up so no issues if you feel icky about things like that (its clean anyway) Denis
  10. It was a fun drive up there ... first time on Putty Rd for me. The destination however was a bit "meh". We ended up going for a beer accross the road due to the long queues and by the time we got back kitchen was closed (2:30PM??) and then found out there's only KFC and Maccas that are still open. Ended up getting some Fish n Chips which reminded me once again how much I hate fish n chips. I thought Singleton would be more a touristy type of town being in the middle of the Hunter region but it really is quite a sleepy town with nothing to see. I got sunburnt so badly that i've got blisters on my right shoulder and couldn't sleep last night, fark me. First time in 15 years that happened. Weird thing is I got sunburnt on my left arm and head too and I wasn't in the sun for more than 20 minutes during the half-way break and at Singleton. Think they're all out of ozone up there because I don't usually get sunburnt this quickly All in all .. fun drive and I hope that motorcycle rider wasn't hurt badly
  11. I have a 98 R34 GTT and the (factory) clutch appears to be on its way out. The car only makes about 190rwkw and is not trashed on a regular basis. Anyway, I need to know what my cheapest option is for a reliable clutch for everyday and the occasional (2-3 times a year) skidpan day. The car's not going to get more power any time soon so I just need something that can handle the existing power levels reliably and be cheap as possible.
  12. Did you ask the owner ? May have had (or still has) rust and someone sprayed fishoil or something like it to prevent it from coming up on the surface ie. it could be rusted badly underneath so make sure you take a thorough look for weld spots and see if it's had rust cut out.
  13. pfft disks are so 2002 .. divx em and give us clickety links
  14. I see ... I have been outwitted on the inter webz AGAIN.
  15. you can usually find different typres of viscosities if you know who to ask .. I don't know if this has just been released or if it's always been out there and that simply the official distributor didn't advertise or bring it into OZ. eg. when I was looking for a 15W40 I couldn't find Royal Purple in that viscosity because the OZ distributor doesn't carry it. But performanclub.com has it so if you're after a particular brand/viscosity it doesn't hurt to ask Howard (I think it's Howard) at performancelub.com he's in Melbourne from memory and shipping is usually pretty fast.
  16. that is a really well done video
  17. woopsy, apologies didn't mean anything by it ...probably chose the wrong word. I r not good with the words things
  18. yeah instead of sittin there like a doofus in the middle of the track callin my car# dumb pffffttttt
  19. damnit you were not meant to do that *blush* respekt my anonimitah!! Um yeah .. *whistles and walks aways* Oh yeah those photos are pretty neat hey.. shame the car looks nothing like it IRL unless you are on LSD
  20. hey who ARE you and what are you doing talking on my computer!$! no but seriously are you that delicious blonde that was at the last texi ? because I didn't see any little girls reading any damn books UPDATE YOUR AVRATARR! I will possibly regret this post once sober
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