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  1. Yes Morrie is very good. Works on and tunes a wide variety of cars, I live 80km from there and my car will still be going there for tuning.
  2. R32 GTR copy fiberglass bumper Black, well used. Needs respray/light repairs but pretty good Has real carbon fibre N1 ducts, that's where all the value is Chasing $150 firm Northern Adelaide 0427930263 - SMS
  3. Was a great day guys, thankyou Munro for the burn in the R33, I'm still putting my organs back in the right spots! Obviously I'm a bit biased because I helped plan this day, but I think it was the best one yet. We ended up with 22 cars on track, which blew apart any thought of a quiet day, and the atmosphere was awesome. We had about 5 drifters come and try some grip, along with a handful of first timers, as a result we had a huge variety of cars, engine and suspension setups, which made for some very interesting viewing. Probably the biggest plus of today was the weather, nobody overheated, and nobody got wet, how good is that! The showers were looking a bit threatening at a couple of times, but obviously recognised the importance of an SAU-SA Trackday.
  4. not at all, its actually the sensible thing to do.
  5. Payments updated. Meeting at Caltex Bolivar would be a better choice Nathan.
  6. I was there hanging out with some friends, big mess. 3rd and 4th rollover at drift events I've been to in like 6 years.
  7. The day is most definitely going ahead, rain or shine, as has always been the case.
  8. Nah Adrian's is also painted with a satin finish and last time I checked a full time drift car.
  9. On the way, as is nussio, Pete, chad and Ben.
  10. Thanks for the help guys Edit: I have my SA CLUB MEMBER banner back!
  11. Hey guys, as SAU-SA members would have known, we held a night cruise on Friday night starting at Tea Tree Plaza, and ending at Mount Lofty via 1.5 hour hills route. There was a good amount of cars that attended, and I hope everyone enjoyed the evening. Below are a few pictures I snapped at the start point in the few minutes I had. These photos are unedited, if you are in them do with them as you please Catch you at the next SAU-SA event! -Dion
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