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  1. Damn dem aliens and der crop circles, takin our jerbs
  2. Living away from home allowance And here I was thinking it was 88e profits.... oh wait
  3. What happened to Clive Palmer? He kept texting me, but since Saturday night I feel like I'm being ghosted.
  4. Not sure how well sealed an r33 tank is, doesn't it have breathers etc? The Jerries are the red plastic bunnings ones. They seal really well, shouldn't have much moisture in those. But its spent a hot summer and 2 winters in a garage on concrete.
  5. I wonder what would happen if I actually hit boost on the old fuel... I've got 2 jerry cans with the same batch in the garage, how the hell do I get rid of that?
  6. Yep. My upgrades have touched nearly every part of the car... and I have upgraded because they either broke due to street/track abuse or they were not fit for purpose to begin with On a positive note, last week got some new keys cut for the skyrine after losing them over 9 months ago and having the car stranded in my folks backyard killing their grass. Can finally move it to the new house. Started up within 30 seconds and idles like a champ, even on 18 month old E85
  7. Buy a manifold, turbo and exhaust for like $500, slap it on and give it a wash. It'll add $2500 to the value of the car if its running
  8. Knowing Nissan ECU's, it'll compensate for the increase in boost by throwing even more fuel in. Are there tunable options for the gloria? Nistune / PowerFC etc?
  9. Cue video memories to make Leigh feel comfortable and safe...
  10. A few laps should be fine in the STI, keep at eye on the oil/water temps and it won't be an issue. The main problems I've seen on stock cars at Sandown are brakes not being cooled down properly. 2 x 60km->200km for each straight means full throttle for like 20 seconds each time. Make sure you go easy on the gearbox and don't try to shave off time by smashing gears. 2 x 200km->80km (maybe 100 on the back straight, I don't know) also means the brakes get a big workout. Make sure you don't superheat them, I had the adhesive on A1RM's fail, the pads completely disintegrated into powder. Make sure you don't park the car with hot rotors, they will warp or crack if they cool unevenly, if you don't get a full cooldown lap make sure you do 3-4 laps of the carpark instead, and put a chock behind your wheel instead of pulling on the handbrake when you do park it up. Saw some GTR Brembos make a huge PING sound a few minutes after parking, and everyone that heard it just winced when they saw the source of the noise. TLDR; Sandown, high speed braking, kills rotors, pads, tyres. All easily avoidable if you drive to the (track and car) conditions
  11. More like, no photos because if it hit 9 news then it'd be 'Winton encourages young hoons to drive beyond their limits, somebody think of the children that weren't there'
  12. Just mum calling to check if you got home from school alright?
  13. So has anyone actually made a decent profit off 88e (other than Birds pre-VWL 88e announcements) or does it just keep bouncing around and being unpredictable?
  14. If you're just chopping them up, there is software that comes with the gopro that worked just fine when I last edited something a few years back...
  15. Also the reason that we made sure we did a sighting lap of the area and an 80% run through it... knew it was going to be a pain point even when rolling through it in the falcon to do cone setup in the morning.
  16. The slide would avoid the lip scrape, but increase the risk of hitting the curbs that surrounded the area That dash looks like a custom made tablet dash. Looks awesome, good work!
  17. Fun day out there Pity about the rain later on in the day. Shoutouts to the VWLBBC members for showing up. Also, didn't get roped into a discussion about 88e once! Spotted Pat, Leigh, Grant, Birds, Liam, Martin, Huy.... Only one of us crashed and needed to be skull dragged out of a ditch. Good times
  18. We're talking about hills, not armco
  19. Na other side of the hill... Jett with the Fairmont Campbell with the R32 Good times
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