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  1. They're counting on people to give up and attend the parma nights instead. Everyone knows that gyms make the majority of their profits from markups on alcohol sales.
  2. That's a fkn huge jetski! FIFO IT must pay well
  3. It's at AutoTechnics in Preston, more details on the facebook event! https://www.facebook.com/events/146023009461504/
  4. Yep, no rest for the wicked... werk werk werk
  5. Entry information updated
  6. Some lazy sod only just got around to finding time to make an entry form for it.... It's technically live right now if you want to test... www.sauvic.com.au
  7. Jesus... check this out for a random company self promo https://www.sau.com.au/forums/topic/309031-tilt-a-door-garage-door-hinges-and-springs/?do=findComment&comment=7857051
  8. I accept and nominate / second the following. President - Tony Olsson Secretary - Robyn RyrieTreasurer - Martin Sullivan
  9. If your boot isn't sitting high enough, grab a metal hose clamp and throw it around the metal shaft so the boot doesn't slide down past it. (on the inside, so you can't see it)
  10. It stays inside my body.
  11. Thats the main reason I prefer to hit the track with a cage and safety equipment surrounding me.
  12. Poor shirt quality is a myth perpetrated by those with vested interests within the industry.
  13. So a few weeks ago I said that SCA was doing 35% off the Penrite range which resulted in some really good savings to be had... Just got an email this morning saying that 6-8th of October (now) they're doing 35% off all Full Synthetic Oils.
  14. There's people I've seen already on facebook saying "If the people in the crowd were allowed handguns in the concert, this wouldn't have been ended before it started..." 1. The shooter was 32 floors up on the other side of the road, look at facts before spruiking the your preset answers. 2. Pull a gun out in a crowd with shooting going on, others are going to look around after hearing shots, see you holding a pistol and think they need to take YOU down on hero reflex... 3rd guy is going to see 2nd guy murdering you and shoot him on hero reflex, chain reaction. The whole country is stuffed, if this was the Sims I'd delete the save file labeled 'America' and just start from scratch with the Goth Family.
  15. The current position only looks bad if you're looking at the price graph of 1 day, or 5 days, or 1 month, or 3 months, or 1 year, or 5 years. or Max.
  16. Still a better option than 88e
  17. FYI Supercheap Auto has a sale on 22-24th which includes 35% off the Penrite range. 10 Tenths Racing 10W40 and 15W50 is down from $74.99 to $48.74. So it's basically buy two get one free.
  18. I really enjoyed watching this Toms Turbo Garage series on him building his LS3 MX5 There's a site which has nearly everything you need to do the conversion, all the mounts, harnesses etc and it seems pretty much plug and play apart from bashing out the trans tunnel.
  19. Freind of mine came by the other night to give me a lift somewhere... showed up in his new daily. 2002 BMW 745li with the v8 Was $245,000 with the options on his, now $10,000 Going to be fun once something breaks
  20. Expensive, too many add on modules and only specialists know how to modify behaviour
  21. lol, office plebs I was going to go out to grab some lunch today, but realised I was still wearing my PJ pants and couldn't be stuffed walking two rooms over to put on my jeans. Life is hard.
  22. Sandown I've got no idea because it's only few suburbs away from me... Unfortunately it's also right next door to Springvale and Dandenong which aren't the friendliest suburbs to leave a car overnight on a Friday/Saturday. For Philip Island I have stayed a few times at Ramada Resort which is halfway between the Track and Cowes, right in the middle of the island.
  23. A very general statement, playing both sides of the fence. Which is it going to be? Good or Bad? Will it go Up or Down today/tomorrow? Then we can see if you're right