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  1. Did lol
  2. Whats next for you?
  3. How many kilowatts?
  4. Supplier 1... They understand the value of their service and know that they are going up against people quoting 40% cheaper. There's a reason they quote $2000. Supplier 2 has to be cutting something out, whether the end product is going to reflect that is anyones guess. Is it worth taking the risk (even when its not your own 88e money)? Probably not. Edit: We've actually had quoted customers come back to us and say that we need to quote higher, since they wanted to go with us but the company policy was to never go with the cheapest quote for a service. Resubmit the quote 30% higher and we'll get the deal.
  5. I'm there
  6. This was after a cooldown lap and sitting in the garage for a while until I noticed... pic was probably 5 minutes after it last saw boost.
  7. Boost or Intake leak = overboosting turbo (correct psi by the time it got to the engine) = overheated turbo = warped / cracked exhaust manifold. My day was over by midday. No worries about the helmet, never put blocks in place that stop people from getting out onto the track. We've got future track day participants to take care of! Edit:
  8. Going to remain silent on the Gregging it™ front, as the last track day that we were at together didn't end well for me and you came out unscathed
  9. Nobody likes the tuna
  10. Wee ot Who-ee
  11. My mate's old 4wd had these huge spotlights and lightbars on the front, with a switch inside labeled "Zombie Lights". Standing a few meters in front of it you could feel the heat radiating from it. Was afraid of starting bushfires Yet I was still more paranoid driving past police at night with slightly less than legal HID's
  12. He will. Completely black off to the side... but anything that was straight ahead of you would be laser beamed... The majority of the light stayed down where it should, but some strayed up. Turned Eastlink Signs into Bright Neon Reflectors from about 2km away, i was always shocked to see how much light they were putting out.
  13. Small Capacity + Big Turbro = 20% waiting time
  14. Thats a lot of 88e capital