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  1. Actually, I don't hate it... Needs a few more accents. And what's with the line running from headlight to taillight? Is that a panel gap or a pinstripe?
  2. Because the only way you think it looks good is if someone squeezes citrus into your eyes?
  3. It's in Narre Warren, but North side where there's families and very few renting bogans doing skids on your lawn in their Lexan's. 3 car shed / workshop* Settlement is March 23 so waiting patiently.
  4. Ehhhh, can't afford any of that crap... just bought a house. Good news is, it's got room for 3 cars in the garage.
  5. Merry Christmas all
  6. Step 1. Get a timing light, borrow one from a mate, or drive to a workshop that will have one that you may be able to use for 30 minutes... Step 2. nill
  7. Call the police and say it's been there a few days, could be a stolen / dumped car or could be a breakdown...
  8. They're counting on people to give up and attend the parma nights instead. Everyone knows that gyms make the majority of their profits from markups on alcohol sales.
  9. That's a fkn huge jetski! FIFO IT must pay well
  10. It's at AutoTechnics in Preston, more details on the facebook event! https://www.facebook.com/events/146023009461504/
  11. Yep, no rest for the wicked... werk werk werk
  12. Entry information updated
  13. Some lazy sod only just got around to finding time to make an entry form for it.... It's technically live right now if you want to test... www.sauvic.com.au
  14. Jesus... check this out for a random company self promo https://www.sau.com.au/forums/topic/309031-tilt-a-door-garage-door-hinges-and-springs/?do=findComment&comment=7857051