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  1. Odium

    Any laptop under $1000 is going to be garbage and you'll hate life. Any laptop under $500 goes one step further than that. Budget barebones systems are the reason Mac's got a reputation for being good quality, because they didn't fk with the lower end machines.
  2. Odium

    Yep, you need to give them time to get quotes and charge your card first... I've noticed a few times that airport pickups are from undercover, but dropoffs are more often out in the sunlight... Much easier to see scratches and stuff in the sunlight, so you do miss a lot of things during the pickup inspection. In Thailand we got some nice new scooters for a few days, only 1000km on them, we made the biggest show of taking dozens of photos of each one. They didnt try anything when we returned them...
  3. Odium

    Luckily NBNCo has started providing discounted CVC pricing to ISP's who can prove that they are not oversubscribing CVC bandwidth for the customers (since it is NBNCo who cops the blame if the network appears slow because of an ISP decision to skimp). It's all about contention ratios these days... and how quickly they'll escalate to nbnco if there is any physical problem with the nbnco section. One customer with an ISP might get amazing speeds since everyone in their area doesn't use the Net much so there is a heap of bandwidth available... They can make a recommendation to their friend, who lives in a different area and they sign up to horrible speeds because the ISP hasn't purchased enough CVC capacity in the second area. Certain ISP's have actually stopped signing up customers in some areas, since they can't guarentee them 100% perfect speeds (as it takes much less time to provision a customer (days) than it does to provision more CVC capacity from NBNCo (months)
  4. Odium

    lol, thought the same thing when I popped off a turbo outlet hose on the F6 on a really hot day, on a hard shift from 1st to 2nd it just went bang and a puff of something came out the bonnet... Only a 2 minute fix, but 30 seconds of "oh shiiiii"... Didn't run like crap because of the MAP either, so didn't pick it as a pipe at first. 31 days till settlement, shiz getting real now.
  5. Odium

    I've got a GTST and an FPV F6, can I come along? Sounds like a fun day out.
  6. Odium

    They try to steal yours weekly, but jump in and try to start it... and its broken so they leave.
  7. For it to run with a Big Laggy Chinese turbo on it, it would need an ECU to control it and Injectors to supply a larger volume of fuel. What ECU / Tune and Injectors are you running on it now, or have you just changed the turbo back to standard?
  8. Odium

    OEM is a little Side Mount Intercooler in front of the passenger side wheel well, so I imagine he's chasing aftermarket. Check out the "For Sale" section of the forums, should be a heap available in there. Which one you go for depends on your current mods, planned future mods and car purpose (track, street, drift, etc) and power goals. A $50 second hand cooler probably isn't going to cut it for a Time Attack car or a Drift Car where it's on boost most of the time
  9. Odium

    I spent Friday laying in a blow up pool. I spent Saturday laying on a blow up flamingo, asleep for most of it. Listening to the Hottest 100 countdown on Saturday instead of Australia Day. I'm so glad they changed the date because people were offended that we were celebrating on the anniversary of such a horrific event. International Holocaust Remembrance Day was a much better choice.
  10. Odium

    Considering Alvin got pinged for 'spoiler stays too sharp', I feel like the exhaust may be the least of its concerns
  11. Odium

    Daily. Quit being a bitch
  12. Odium

    You young punks and your instant gratification. It's all cocaine, hookers and crypto alts these days. I remember back in my day we'd need to settle in and wait months for people to lose their money on oil stocks.
  13. Odium

    Actually, I don't hate it... Needs a few more accents. And what's with the line running from headlight to taillight? Is that a panel gap or a pinstripe?
  14. Odium

    Because the only way you think it looks good is if someone squeezes citrus into your eyes?