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  1. Hi vxsr33 - Sorry was on holiday. Yeah still for sale - I wouldnt mind shipping to VIC, if you pay for postage as well. How would we do that though, courier?
  2. Sorry Adz2332 - I used to have pics but I'm not sure where I've put them. Reduced to $2000
  3. Set of Work Meister S1 Chrome rims up for sale!The original chrome is the best one of the lot imo.Rims are 18"Fronts are 9 +36Rears are 10 +30.Deep dish and look amazing.Some of the work meister sticks have slightly worn off, and theres some very minor gutter rash but other than that they in good condition.The tyres will need to be replaced, they are pretty raw one one side for the rears.I had them fit on my R33 skyline, fits the SX series as well.I had to put a 5mm spacer to on front to clear brake calipers. You can have them if you need. SX image for reference $2500 ONO
  4. Yeah Ive no problems putting it on myself, i already got it off. Hardest thing was getting the sensor out, was stuck in like a rock. Yeah 600 seemed redic, wasnt even a special cat, just your standard run of the mill one. Thanks for the feedback guys! Ill check out the traders or look at importing.
  5. Hi guys, On pit inspection Ive been asked to get a new catalytic converter fitted, apparently mine sounds hollow meaning the stuff inside has worn out and that means it doesnt comply. So anyway, i need a new one. Im not sure how emission laws work etc, can I import one from the UK or America and fit it to my car? http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/R33-Skyline-GTS-T-Cat-Catalytic-Converter-2yr-Warranty-/150330537572?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item230065f664 Something like that? Ive been quoted 600 to get it done here, not to mention i wont be able to use the temp sensor unless they do a dodge job and make a hole and weld it in. Just figured this seems a hell of a lot easier and cheaper.
  6. Hi guys, Just a follow up from my other topic, Im about to assemble the caliper, but im unsure which way the silver outer shim is supposed to be aligned. The lower part can face the front or the back. It probably doesnt matter at all, and im being pretty anal here, but just thought id check. Attached are the pictures showing the 2 ways it can go in
  7. Yeah? Cool, ok all good seems they are correct. Thanks for the help guys!
  8. Yeah i saw these originally, and they look like the exploded view of the r33 brake, but yeah, it said 300zx so i thought id be safe and go through nissan. Yeah doesnt quite look right to me either, from a design standpoint im struggling to see why only half of the pistons are covered. Yeah its definitely the part number, although its weird cos on the exploded view they definitely match the pad backing plate. Dont look like the ones i got. Yeah? Maybe it is correct then. Just seems a little weird it only covers half the calipers, not to mention its not even even, it covers different amounts of both pistons :S This is confusing.
  9. It was $170 off the top of my head. Oh really? Whats I find very weird though is that the outer shim (the silver part) doesn't cover the whole piston. It gets about half of it to 3/4. The ones in the other pic i posted first look like the correct shape, they would cover both pistons completely.
  10. Posted without attachment oops. Here it is:
  11. Ok, so i needed a new shim kit for my r33. Ive got the 4 pot calipers on the front, searched for a part number, 41080-21U25 is apparently the one i need. This, according to quite a few people, is 41080-21U25: So i went to my nissan store, forked over a large amount of cash for that part number. Except when i got it, it looked different. I scoured the internet again, rechecked the part number, and its definitly the one from what i can tell. It says that number on the packet I got. Is it possible nissan can stuff it up? It came in one pack. Id just like some confirmation. Any help would be appreicated!
  12. Just a note to anyone that tries this. Taking the wire out does indeed stop it from dimming, it was a red wire with a blue stripe on mine. However, this wire also lights up the climate control buttons when you switch the lights on. Taking it out means no lights for your buttons. Id changed the climate control button lights to blue too so was a bit lame not having them. Rectified this by making my own wiring loom that comes from the wire that i pulled out, and goes directly to the lights for the buttons. It was easy because the lights themselves are easy to access. So now when i turn the lights on, the buttons light up, and the display doesnt dim
  13. Hmm, well I went to the Nissan store, with all my model number details etc, and yeah, he said there was no sway bar too for that model. Printed it out and it's just not there on the expanded view. Even he found it weird. Mines a series 2 NA so maybe these were the type that didn't come with any rear sway bar? Pulled up a expanded view of a series 2 gtst and that had a sway bar. So might just be the NA versions. Either that or yeah, some idiot removed it.
  14. Hi guys, Ive got a series 2 r33. I recently noticed it didnt have a rear sway bar, which i thought was a bit odd. It shows it in my workshop manual, but thats for a series 1 car it seems. So whats the deal? No series 2 cars have sway bars? Ive searched the net but i couldnt find much, just someone saying that series 2 cars didnt have them. I was hoping for some more clarification so im hoping someone can shine some light on the situation. Also, is it worth putting a sway bar on?
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