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  1. I think they have to be tied to a car, but could be wrong. There may be a way of reserving them, I'm not sure. What I do know is I was pulled over for driving an unregistered car when driving my car with the old number plates, before I had even received the new ones. Took a few moments for it to click for me as to why they thought my car was unregistered, when I told them the custom plate I had ordered and was waiting to receive, they looked it up and saw it checked out with the car I was driving, but then told me I shouldn't be driving with the old plates..... but I hadn't received the new ones yet (they came a good 2 weeks later than the website promised as well). Was I was expected to not drive the car anymore until I had the new plates? Would be kinda ridiculous cause I need it for work etc...
  2. Hey guys, My radiator is constantly goin nuts now, car sounds like a plane. Can I get a new hub from a place like Repco? Also how hard is to change? Thanks in advance!
  3. My radiator heater tank is leaking, and the rest of my radiator isn't looking too good either, so I'm looking to buy a new one. Where's a good place to look? I have a s1 r33 gtst Thanks in advance guys!
  4. pm sent re: side mirrors! Lemme know asap, can pick up today
  5. some wanker tried to break into my car tonight on rundle street! didnt get too far luckily. Hope he didnt move onto someone else!
  6. hellloo The rubber on the outside around my rear windscreen is pretty brittle and messed up, looks pretty horrible. I wanna replace it. My understanding that the actual seal that makes it water tight is underneath? anyways, no matter how much water I throw at it none comes through so thats fine. I just wanna make the outside rubber seal look a bit nicer lol. Anyone know where I can buy a replacement seal? Any idea if its hard to put on yourself? Thanks in advance guys
  7. Hey guys, Anyone else lucky enough to be part of the beta? Ive had a key for a few weeks now but barely had much time to play. Anyone try to get/receive an invite in the batch of invites that just went out in the last few days? If anyone on here is in it maybe we could play some games
  8. Im quite clueless with this stuff. edit: nvm misread, I have adjustable castor rods, not camber arms I'll check out their website now
  9. just came back from a wheel alignment and they told me I need a 'camber kit'. After some quick googling, seems like whiteline offers something called a camber kit out of curiousity, what does this include? Also, any suggestions where I could pick this stuff up?
  10. sorry one more question actually. would you recommend getting more ku36's? Its purely a daily driver and I know they're not necessary but I kinda liked them lol. Any other tyre recommendations perhaps?
  11. yea think my fronts are 17x8 too. Ah so it'll be no issues if I get a smaller size then? I'll call them up tomorrow I spose, but just for now, how much do you reckon I'd be paying for each? If you know that is thanks again!
  12. so its time for me to buy some tyres! I have 17x9 rears and currently on them are some kumho ku36's which are 255/40/r17 Never bought tyres before, but I was considering getting the same. Any recommendations for where I could get some for a good price? Or maybe should I buy a different size? I have 235/45/r17's on the front atm any advice would be much appreciated!
  13. anyone see channel 10 news just then? with the 5 skylines being impounded for racing in the heysen tunnels? tsk tsk
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