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  1. Grenade GX01 rims WTB: Seeking a set of Unknown Company: Grenade GX01 (GX-01) rims in 18"x9" +20 [Prefer bronze, but any colour fine]
  2. 2002 Nissan R34 GT-R M-Spec Nur This car is on Motive 3 dvd. It was one of the GT-Rs in the first Cootamundra challenge. It is stock internally, but has a little bit of fruit added to it with exhaust , computer, rays rims...
  3. Dough boy messages are full, so it won't allow to send. Do you have Turbonetics bell mouth and jun 290 cams still?
  4. Very long shot here...do you still have the Turbonetics ASME bell mouth?
  5. Never had any issues with Ridgecrest. I've used their gaskets and rods. All tolerances were spot on
  6. Lol WIP never is good lol can never bill for it
  7. There was a white one and a mnp one up your way for sale
  8. Start with chocolates and roses next time, and ask me about my day first lmfao ;-)
  9. Cyber is still sexual lol Ben hit me up just earlier lol
  10. That's impossible. You were hitting me up for a scissoring earlier :-P
  11. Extraneous commentary just as spew inducing :-P
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