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  1. The missus and i should be in for this one in Chasey. Won't be able to stay long in the mountains but definitely up for the drive.
  2. Hi Guys, Can i please get mine changed to Whoneedstherapy Just want to bring it in line with all my other forum names etc. Cheers, Luke
  3. Compression & leakdown test was done on the weekend: Cylinder Compression Leakage 1 140 6% 2 135 4% 3 135 5% 4 140 3% 5 135 5% 6 135 4%
  4. Actually has 12 months Rego ( didn't want to wait for the sticker to be posted). Bulletproof and 27K ONO!
  5. spotted a certain red 180sx on the back of a trailer heading south along the M7 near the tolls just after 7 this morning. Also spotted a pretty clean white 33 gtst on the m2, plates were pyro something etc
  6. Spotted a blue R35 heading west on the M7, black 33 GTST on pennant hills road too
  7. Thanks for the endorsement guys. This GTR is a Daily driver with all the fruit and yes it gets down and dirty and matches it on the track. If you want something you can see your reflection in when you stand around at orange grove maccas, this probably isn't the car for you.
  8. We need a trophy for the fastest fwd car with chrome front / stock rear wheels and vice versa for rwd. AWD vehicles can have 2 unmatched pairs to be included. Bonus points if chrome wheels are over 45kg each Not driving your own vehicle should incur a 1 minute per lap penalty.
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