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  1. hey guys, im looking at selling my RB25DET R32, the coversion has been done and it runs perfectly fine, it still have to be engineered but ive got a stock airbox and side mount piping also that can be put on there if you would want it. Pretty much the only reason im selling it is because i have been swamped with work and dont have time to finish it off. has the following parts: lightweight flywheel Heavy duty clutch 3" turbo back exhaust GTR front mount intercooler with custom pipes Turbo timer Has a bit of wear and tear on the outside(couple dints that can be popped out easy), and a bit of a scratch where i got side swiped outside my house . Not too sure what i want to see it for but im looking around maybe $7000, Any questions just PM me Thanks
  2. Hey i have just completed the RB25DET engine conversion into my r32 and am now need to get it engineered, but i have a 3" exhaust and a atmospheric BOV with custom pipes, so was wondering if anyone in the Forster/Taree/Great lakes area that have a stock exhaust, stock pipes and intercooler if i could borrow them so i can get my skyline tested and approved, any help would be appreciated! Thanks
  3. For sale is my old RB20DET engine and Gearbox. Engines piston bearings are gone and knocks will need rebuild. Gearbox's second syncro is gone will need a rebuild. Other bits and pieces available from the engine and R33 Halfcut, Pm for details. Willing to negotiate on price! Willing to Seperate! Engine: $700 Gearbox: $300 Ecu: $140 The reason im selling is because just going through a RB25DET coversion in my R32. I Live in Taree, NSW Can Ship interstate but problely cost a fair bit(not to sure) PM me for contact details
  4. i thought it was the other way around use the rb25 loom because its got VCT ? cheers
  5. Hey all (sorry if in wrong section but i live in NSW so i thought its the best place to put it) Im currently doing the RB25DET r32 conversion and coming up to the wiring i would rather get it done right the first time. Anyways i was wondering if anyone on here can splice the looms together for a plug N play loom, i can supply both r33 and r32 looms ecu's etc and definatly willing to pay thanks all
  6. Thanks for the comments everyone! I shall try that this weekend(at least the hammer part sounds fun), if it doesnt work a new sump isnt a ridiculas amount of money
  7. Hey all first post!! If ive posted in the wrong section feel free to remove/move it. ok down to the post... I've recently bought a R33 halfcut from a local dealer and whilst unloading from the truck the sump was damanged, i was wondering if my old RB20det's sump would fit onto it, otherwise i will just go buy a R33 one(doing a r32 Rb25det conversion) any comments are welcome, thanks
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