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  1. it has a Neo VQ30det, nistune have an option for a VQ30det but its for the Y33 and that didn't come out with the Neo. i considered going down either the Link or Haltech path, but i wasn't sure if i would lose certain factory functions though.
  2. Hi guys, digging up an old thread but how did this build end up going? i figured it was about time i should try and get some more power out of my Y34, but finding information on them seems to be pretty difficult, especially for ECU options.
  3. bringing this post back from the dead, are any of these gloria's still getting around? i have a y34 autech gloria, would be good to see some more in perth.
  4. i would also like the english manual please, playing guess the button has gotten old.
  5. still for sale? if so does it have rego?
  6. chasing an r32 gtr rolling shell. preferably with a straight body but will consider damaged ones also. pm what you have and how much your asking, thanks.
  7. is there much interior parts and boot trims left?
  8. hey mate, are the turbos n1 or standard r34 gtr turbos?
  9. apparently theres a car vs plane, so that should be interesting . if its true anyone know what car it is?
  10. only thing is that there's no exhaust on my car atm so driving it to a shop may be a problem, unless i put the old one back on then take it off again. is there any local stores that have them already made up?
  11. hey guys, just a quick question on where i can find a decat pipe for my 32R? is there any performance shops that i could pick one up at or will i have to get one made up? i tried googling it but mostly everything that came up was for ebay adds and old for sale threads so any info will help thanks
  12. hey guys, in need of a decat if you have one pm me and name your price thanks.
  13. hey man, interested in the front bar with lip. if you could pm how much you want for it and how much it would be to post to perth that would be sweet. thanks
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