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  1. Stunning v36 skyline type s for sale 50000km real km
  2. It's so f**king hot need beach

  3. Can anyone help were can I find switch bezel trim replacement for 2008 v36 skyline I can find them on ebay for g35 but they are opposite left hand drive heeelllppp
  4. I can choose any repairer have done so with my previous car and specified this when insuraning my new car
  5. Unless they are the Gen 2 or Gen 3 there pretty cheap online Gen 2 $500 delivered Gen 3 525 so 630 is very high for the first one made Gen 2and 3 have improvements on power and all else get back to me soon if you are willing to make a good price no one will buy at 630no offence thanks
  6. Buddy its cheaper for me to buy on line if you really want to get rid of them make me a good deal and ill buy them check out the price online delivered to au
  7. Ok is it the one that has one filter sitting in front of grill or two filters
  8. Hey buddy I'm interested but I'm in Sydney can you find out how much shipping will cost I've placed an order for injen cold air but haven't paid yet 525 shipped if you can do same price or better we may have a deal
  9. Can anyone help me this sign has popped up on my screen in the last week can anyone translate or does anyone no what its trying to tell me see photo
  10. Hey guys I have a v36 350gt insured with AI insurance full comp plus gold club membership for 900 very cheap compared to shonnons who quoted me 2900 and just car 2400 my Skyline is a 2007 model hope this helps
  11. Hi all can someone out there help I'm driving myself nuts trying to find replacement inner door handle inserts for my v36 sedan we all know these pain in the ------- parts that get scratched very easily I've herd you can get aluminum ones can anyone help with this or does anyone know a fix for this problem :whi stling:
  12. Hi all I'm new to Skyline Australia. As well and I own a v36 2007 Skyline 350gt and love it I just wish I found then earlier if any body out there has any info on these cars ie performance upgrades of any other advice I'd love to hear from you or if anyone needs advice. Let me know
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