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  1. Just picked her up with her face lift all done
  2. 0:49 - So good! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hhYp4In-UTM
  3. Thanks Smity! I will check them out cheers
  4. Does this club have a preferred car sprayer or is their a club sponsor.
  5. Morning all Thanks Ant. Yep she was insured. The last owner had the paint done, I am going to call him today and find out the paint codes ect. He is down the gold coast, so I was wanting to find a good place up here in brisi that could take care of it. Any suggestions for a good sprayer?
  6. Ok so silly me missed the biz card left on my front window.... some lady backed into it... good thing she's a good person.. so who knows a good place to get the front bar resprayed... its a custom white color though
  7. That feeling you get when you go to drive your car and find someone has scratched the shit out of it........
  8. TTR34


  9. ya I will post up the dyno sheet when its done Would be happy with something around 450hp @ 16psi
  10. Morning all Getting the beast tuned tomz @ Godzilla - so damn excited. Haven't driven much for the past 5 months due to the last tuner giving me 100km to a full tank (off boost) ...... 0.o
  11. yup I work in Milton ! haha I just had my barina in with Apex to fix the rear bumper after a Jucy camper rammed it in the rear...... don't tell me that lol !
  12. Spotted Crashed White R32 at Milton Apex Automotive.... Also hade a nice white R34 GTT with kit, standard plates drive past this morning @ milton. sounded gooooood.
  13. Loving this build thread! Wanna see flames out of screamer
  14. Just looking for a R34 GTT Bonnet Latch Mechanism. If you know if anyone wrecking a front cut or has one lying around hit me up Thanks !
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