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Ferodo Ds2000 Or Ds2500 Pads

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Hi all

What are the best pads to use for the street?

The Ferodo DS2500 or DS2000 (Formula Ferodos)

The reason I ask is that I have been informed that the DS2500 are more of a race pad than anything, meaning for the street, they are not quite suited.

I just want the best street pads that are not too noisy, nor dusty and have a good cold bite, and will work well when warm.

I am worried that with track-ish pads, the car wont stop as effectively in the event of an accident or something.

Also, anyone know the part numbers for a R34 GTT front and rear? and where I can pick up a set from?

Thanks all

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I run DS2500s on the street, as do quite a few Silvia owners I know.

In terms of stopping, they work fine in the middle of winter, even in the middle of nowhere. They might work a bit better with some heat in them, but they'll pull you up when cold.

With Motul RBF600 fluid I have yet to fade them out with my relatively small brakes.

They are very dusty though, and will squeal when cold. If that bothers you then I wouldn't get them, but if you're about performance then they're fine cold or hot.

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A guy from VSport and Compfriction recommended the DS2000 or Formula Ferodos because the DS2500 are overkill for the street and they squeal heaps! Squealing is something I definately cannot stand! hahah

And he said the DS2000's are more than adequate for the street, they are much better than the Bendix Ultimates too.

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If I didn't do the more-than-occasional track day, I probably wouldn't have gotten the DS2500s either.

Then again, if I was only doing street stuff I probably would stick to the stock pads. I don't ever go hard enough to fade out factory pads on any street cruises, and at least you know they're quiet and relatively gentle on dust.

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