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Item: 98 Subaru Liberty - white, 5 speed, sedan, 2.2l awd, 8 months rego

Location: Hobart, Tasmania

Item Condition: Excelent condition inside and out, has not given me any problems (once it didnt start first time in heavy rain, I had to wait 5 secconds). I have regularly serviced this car and it is in almost stock condition - clear indicators and a cold air duct to the standard air box, easily reversed. It had a good sterio in it, so the doors are sound deadend and ready for 6.5" splits - it currently has the stock unit. It will need new tyres and brakes in about 5k tho.

Reason for Selling: I bought a Skyline :P

Price and Payment Conditions:$13,200 Negotiable (it is insured for $14,400)

Extra Info:Call me if you would like a test drive or mechanic check, this car is beautiful to drive and will pass any test.

Contact Details:[email protected] or pref ah: 0400 996522

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