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Cleaning Leather


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Hi everyone,

I was wondering what is the best way to clean and protect leather seats so that they'll last a long time without cracking.

I've searched around on google so much, but everything contradicts each other.

e.g. some say don't use conditioner because it causes the leather to build up and get cloged with oil, and this causes it to be shiny and crack.

Others say it is lack of oil that causes it to crack.

some say the meguirs leather cleaner/conditioner is good, others say it locks in the dirt that is on the seat.

Some sites say it can be cleaned with just soapy water. some other say windex (this stuff is nasty as), wax and grease remover, turps, sandpaper, tooth brush.... etc.

Does anyone who either has leather seats, or is a trimmer have a tried and tested way of first cleaning, and then protecting the seats?

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