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Help: Boost Sensor Stuffed! Need Replacement Quick

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Hi all

I have a R34 GTT and today, I broke the boost sensor in my car whilst taking apart things here and there.

Basically it is the boost sensor that is just above the throttle cable in the middle of the engine bay. It is mounted on a bracket with a host connected underneath it. It is not the one thats on the side of the engine bay,

The nozzle of the boost sensor goes into the rubber hose. I broke the nozzle and now most of it is in the hose itself.

I noticed that when I unplugged it, the engine light came on.

I need a replacement part and dont know whether other Skyline models have these.

Where would I be best getting one from? Nissan / the wreckers?

And how much should this thing set me back? (fingers crossed not much)

Thanks all, really appreciate it!

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Just read some posts and its a common thing thats happened to R34 owners.

Stupid Nissan decided to hide the hose underneath the bracket, so alot of us tend to snap the damn thing when taking stuff off to say, change the plugs.

The hose sits okay when everything is bracketd up, and I have used to glue to make sure its sturdy on the sensor itself. However I dont think this is gonna last and will definately need a replacement.

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