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Having Body Kits Painted.


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hi guys im looking to get a body kit for my car but before i decide i want to no how much it will cost me 2 get it painted roughly and where people recommend i go. to get it done properly for a fair price.



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I got my sideskirt sprayed at prestige. He works out of vision R. He did a great job on mine.

Prestige Motor Vehicle Refinisher

Hung Luu 0411 312 199

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hey, try 'Fibre Vision' in welshpool. My friend got his side skirts done there and they did a bloody good job, also the cheapest out of a whole heap of places that quoted him. My cars there now getting some rust sorted out after some c**t broke into my car a while ago.

9458 8998.......talk to BRUCE, he'll sort you out :D .

Got my front mount fitted by them and my side skirts and rear pods painted and fitted by them also...

Great Job..

Speak to Bruce to purchase or fit a body kit and speak to brandan for the painting he can also fit.

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