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hey everyone im happy to say that im getting a apexi avcr boost controller and safc , im goona get my car tuned at Dr Drift im goona have to take a day off to drive it up der. im not wanting any big numbers the max i want to go will be 10 psi im cautious dont want to harm my lil baby.

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Is this Dr Drift bloke REALLY all he's cracked up to be?.. I mean out of all the tuning houses and tuners I hear of him most.. so I assume he would be expensive.. Why all the hype?

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so he does r33 remaps now does he?

no, he doesnt. i asked him not long ago and he was still trying to find the hardware to burn the r33 chips. but im sure once he gets his hand on the hardware we'll all know about it.

theres a guy in sydney that does r33 remaps. give him a go on yuna @ tpg.com.au, i was going to get him to make me a new chip on my already chipped ecu but i ended up getting an emanage ultimate.

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