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Which Nissan Cradles Fit R32gtst


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hey all

Cars specs: R32 with a r32 GTR cradle (for some reason)

Had some queer problems with my cradle literally falling apart, first the rear right control arm brackets cracked so i welded it up, then the left one cracked (but not as bad) and i recently took my diff out to find this:



yep, completely mcfked

i know s13 cradles fit, but will my hicas lock bar fit that? will my aftermarket gtr sway bar fit?

do s14/15 cradles fit?

only reason i ask, is that ppl are asking $300+ for gtr cradles and only $80-100 for an s13 one. if i settle for the s13/gtst one i will have 2 sell/swap my sway bar.


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