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Unique V Key Chain

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Came home from work today and look what's in the mail for me (and my mrs)....

Got a silver V35 coupe key chain...

Car is very small perhaps only about 3.5cm in length...


and no it is NOT for sale, sorry guys... got it off yahoo auctions, and haven't been able to find another one yet...

Oh... and for the mrs... I got her a keychain for her RAV4 too :-) albeit hers is blue this one is greyish,

but hers got a LED lights that can be turned on/off, mine's not.



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I went through importmonster.com.au

they've got a system that allows pretty much instant bidding, and any overpayment gets refunded into the account, and overall feels and looks very professional and well-administered.

I haven't spent anything expensive so far just tiny things. I used Slidewize once before he closed down due to the economic crisis, but he was hard to get in touch with, e.g. only contactable by email once a day in the evening, so bidding thru him u often gets over-bid or miss the auction's ending time.

Import Monster is a lot more professional! Even come with proper electronic invoice so they're not a backyard operator...

Do you know any other yahoo auction importer/operator?

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damn right its addictive! i got some S13 key rings like that about 8 years ago. they were cool. i think i still have mine somewhere

and +1 for IM. very reliable and havent let me down

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  • 2 weeks later...

if anyone want JDM brochure, I have got a spare from my recent buying frenzy which I doubled up on purchase and now selling...


the price is asked is reasonable as it would have cost you that much at least to bring it into the country after all yahoo dealer commission and ems shipping.

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