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R33 Engine Conversion

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ok, so i own a 93' r33 RB25DE and a 94' r33 (4 door) RB25DET

brought the second one about 3 months ago unroadworthy, unregistered.. thats okay i have a basic understanding of what i need to do to get it on the road.. but the problem is i don't actually come off my victorian green p plates until november 2010 which is still 15 or so months away (f**k that) and i cant drive a turbocharged car till I'm on my full license, i did apply to drive a turbocharged car whilst still on my green p plates but never heard anything back from vicroads.. i am looking at getting my engines swapped over in the 2 r33's and selling the 93' r33 with the turbo engine in it.. engine bays look the same, it is the same sized engine.. i just want to know is there anything i need to worry about for example the length of the cars as one is a 4 door it might change something in the length.. just don't want to go wasting my money on anything..


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Think about it, is it really worth it to do an engine swap?

Why don't you just drive the NA one until you get off your P's?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think if you do happen to swap the engines, you can drive it, as long as you get a engineer certificate saying that it is a NA car.

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