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Rb26 Single Turbo Conversion

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Like the title suggests i have performed a single turbo conversion on my RB26 and i have seen an intake kit by Greddy (i think) on a similar conversion but cannot seem to find one for purchase anywhere. Up to this point i have been running a home made pipe [pictured below] which works fine but doesnt deliver the same aesthetic plasure. Does anyone know where i can get a flashy purpose made replacement?


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these guys usually have them

its an official greddy part

twin sucktion kit to suit T88 from memory


also add a bend in the ducting to break the reversion in front of the AFM signal

you may find wonky idle, chuffing and other grumpiness without a bend before the AFM wire

the factory pipework has the accordian style bends for this reason

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Thank you very much, and yes i am aware of the needed bend but proved that little bit too difficult for my own efforts. To be fair however i havent had a great deal of idle problems etc with the absense of a bend.

Thanks again im scouring the site for my part as we speak.

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sign here

initial here

kiss me here




the first kit is to suit 80mm AFM's such as RB20,RB25,Z32 only

it wont suit BNR32,BCNR33,BNR34 or Nismo AFM's which are 65mm

the second one is optional in 80mm or 65mm

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Ah i love you .. well love may be a strong word. But you are pretty damn awesome .. Thats the one i was after!!

Signed, Initialed & ill send my assistant over with a kiss, i think you will find him very charming.


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Just confirming the first kit is what i needed and have ordered .. i dont actually have Z32 AFM's but i have the equivalent (80mm's from a Subaru) which will all fit together nicely.

Thanks again Paul.

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You don't need 2 AFM's, you could use one and parrallel up the output. Which the ECU does internally anyway.



Hmm i wont pretend i know a lot about how my car works because i dont, i did enquire at the time if i could run both AFM's in line or just run a single AFM and the general answer i got was No, which is why i ended up with the set up i have now.

Like i said in my last post i have already ordered and paid for the greddy Y pipe so i guess ill just run with it now unless anyone can identify a significant advantage to running only 1 AFM besides space.

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