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RB26 block, rb26 head

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Block $1000

Head $500

As per picture, i have a bare block and head for sale. I don't know the history of these. I bought them over a decade to use as mockups for a conversion and to eventually rebuild but.... Life. Marks on bores can't be felt.

Cleaned out the shed and decided I'd sell. Not sure what's a fair price these days as i haven't played with rb26 stuff in over a decade.

Brisbane inner North, pickup preferred.

0404 010 832














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Any decent engine builder with a good rep in Brissy should have an ultrasonic bore tester and the ability to inspect for cracks. You possibly wouldn't want to spend the money up front, but if the results come back primo then you could look to ask a decent sum for the motor. From the buyer's perspective (not me, some other buyer!) I wouldn't feel too good about dropping a G on an unknown untested block with the possibility that it is scrap.

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Head sold.

Block returned and back for sale.

Block has some damage to cylinder 6. I was too rushed in taking photos and putting it up for sale to do a proper look at each cylinder. The cylinders are all stock bore, but cylinder 6 probably needs boring out or a sleeve.

Negotiable on price for block.

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