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I bought a set of door skins and they cant be used due to being different cloth peices to mine cause i thought that they could easily be changed but cant without damaging one of them so i have to sell them. asking for $120 cause they are imaculate and dont have any marks on them what so eva

Attached thumbnail(s) img-resized.png Reduced 89%post-52162-1226731897_thumb.jpg 1296 x 972 (364.84K)//img-resized.png Reduced 89%post-52162-1226731924_thumb.jpg 1296 x 972 (342.56K)//img-resized.png Reduced 89%post-52162-1226731955_thumb.jpg 1296 x 972 (332.98K)//img-resized.png Reduced 89%post-52162-1226731978_thumb.jpg 1296 x 972 (341.66K)//

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