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V35 Meet

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lol sunday nites larpa laps is like fast and furious : leb spec haha

but i love it, its a good hooning atmosphere.. cops hardly look at the people with newer cars..

theyd rather defect the shitboxes they know 100% they'll find something to defect.

im usually down there .. come summer it will be sick.. but ima z33 driver not a v35 :P

should organise a z33/v35 cruise!!!

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The 350Z-Tech guys have expressed an interest in meeting up and getting pies in the near future. We'll either hit up Upper Crust in Longreef or Pie in the Sky in Cowan.

Most of the Z33 guys on the forums won't be up for happy lapping at night, but you can try your luck.

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did anything happen with this proposed meet? im still tryin to find something goin on with other V35's/350z cruises but nothing is coming up that i can find? i only found out there was one last november but i have not heard of any others?

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