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Part are located near Mitcham in SA, can post anywhere in Aus at buyers expense.



2x Front Sway Bar - $50ea

2x Front Camber Arms - $120pr -- PICS

2x Front Lower Control Arms - $150pr -- PICS

1x Front Tie Rod End - $10 -- PICS

2x Rear Lower Control Arms - $130pr -- PICS

2x Rear sway bar links w/ Urethane bushes - $30 -- PICS

2x Rear Hubs - $200pr -- PICS PICS

1x Rear Sway Bar - $50

2x Rear Toe Rods (non-hicas) - $100pr -- PICS

1x HICAS lock bar - $80 -- PICS


2x Rear Toe Rods (non-hicas) - $100pr

1x HICAS lock bar - $80



1x Horn, can be hooked up to any car - $30 -- PICS

2x Stock Clutches, 1 half warn, one fair bit more warn - $50 and $100

1x Stock Rear Spoiler (with brake light) - $50 -- PICS

3x RB20 Coilpacks - $30ea

1x Turbo Timer, very basic timer, manual set - $20

1x RB20 Fuel Pump - $50 -- PICS

1x Igniter Module (breaks down under a lot of heat) - $30 -- PICS

1x Engine mount - $10 -- PICS

1x Airbox including snorkel - $30 -- PICSPICS

Random shit

1x Turbo Elbow - $30 -- PICS

1x Handbrake lever - $5 -- PICS

5x Hub Covers - $20 -- PICS

1x BBS Hub Cover Spanner - $10 -- PICS

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    • Shitbox Tiguan updates, got the APR OTS tune put back on (no charge for it to be removed/added back), didn't want to just come in just for that (not a fan of wasting people's time for nothing) so I purchased an APR dog bone insert. The boys at German Performance Garage said they would fit it for free too since they had 1x hoist free. Now that's service you don't normally get from most workshops. Anyhow, tune back on, snow grate pulled out, dog bone insert back in and not going to lie, a few smiles when I nailed it around the industrial area heading back onto the M7. Amayama also said 1 to 2.5 month wait for the RB25DE heater hose, yeah why not, car has been off the road for nearly 3, what's a other 2.5?
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    • Checked for spark? Checked for fuel?
    • New whiteline rubber bushes, maybe some adjustable arms (rubber ends like hard race for road car)no need for Sway bar if correct springs or going to be fine tune for the track. A proper alignment with corner balancing and coilovers with spring rate for the right purpose and setting droop correctly.
    • Hi guys Have a series 1 r33. Recently I took the car out for a drive when I got home it was fine I went to start it later that night and nothing....has full power from battery. Have checked and changed starter...relays are alll goood....looom under front drivers wheel was damage so fixed that. I can turn the key on and all the lights come up but when I GO to crank nothing I can hear the starter winning over there's nothing else I can think off cheaking ..... any help would be great.
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