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Paper Clean Out !


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Here's what I've got for sale.............

R34 GT-R Pack $30 or best offer ( posted )

  • HPI Issue 9 "KING GT-R"
  • R34 NISMO Brochure ( as handed out at the 2002 Tokyo Auto Salon ).
  • R34 Alita Brochure

( as handed out at the 2000 Tokyo Auto Salon ).

post-2420-1249975949_thumb.jpg post-2420-1249975979_thumb.jpg post-2420-1249976005_thumb.jpg

GTS-T Pack $40 or best offer ( posted )

Hyper Rev Issue 11 "R32 & R33 GTS-T Special"

Hyper Rev Issue 13 "Skyline"

Bomex 2002 Brochure

GP Sports Brochure

post-2420-1249978569_thumb.jpg post-2420-1249978600_thumb.jpg post-2420-1249978664_thumb.jpg post-2420-1249978687_thumb.jpg

JDM Pack $30 or best offer ( posted )

Option 2 - Oct 1999 ( full of great period cars etc )

Goo Parts ( giant mag full of JDM parts, parts and more parts ....... hours of orgasmic page flicking )

post-2420-1249978720_thumb.jpg post-2420-1249978745_thumb.jpg

HPI Issue 18 - R34 4 Door N/A issue $15 or best offer ( posted )


HPI Buyers Guide to Imports $15 or best offer ( posted )


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