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    • Next purchase will be an LSD Conversion kit I think. Looks pretty easy to DIY if I can find somebody to chop 4mm off my drive shafts.    
    • Woo hoo, nearly back in action!  Heading in the right direction anyway!  
    • Thanks for that. I think it might be the bulb cover at the back but these fricken lights are so hard to get any access to without removing the wheel liner / splash guard inside the wheel well and accessing them from the well ... which means removing the damn wheel again.
    • I have found on some of my cars, with plastic lenses, that the sealer has failed where the lens meets the body of the light, or, the rubber O-ring on the globe cover thingie has failed, or fallen off, or I forgot to replace it...... I have had good success with a thin bead of clear silicone around where the lenses meet the body of the light, the O-rings either need a liberal coating of silicone grease or need to be replaced  Best of luck fixing it, foggy headlights, or taillights, makes me sad 
    • Lololol... Funny between brands reliability changes, yet it's technically the same parts.
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