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Going Oversea In 1 Month, Great Black R34 Gtt For Sale

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Hello to all R34 nuts!

I'm selling my beautiful R34 GTT today caz I've just finished my study in uni and going oversea in 1 month time, saddly I won't come back to Australia for at least 3 years. So I have to let me pride find another home that someone love it!

Back to topic, the car is located in Adelaide SA, its a 1998 R34GTT couple manual with around 70000km.

Price are VERY NEGOTIABLE caz I'm leaving soon!!!

Black (Just finish respraed last week!!! No dent on body at all)

Top Secret CF bonnet ( cost me $2000 imported from Japan 2 months ago!!!)

Impulse front bar and sideskirts ( rare)

Bomex rear bar

Factory Sunroof! (Its so hard to find a great R34 in black with this option for this price!)

HKS Air filter

HKS Hypermax 3 Coilover (only been used by 3000km)

HKS turbo back High Power Exh

Nismo Heavy duty clutch (Brand new for less than 1500KM and cost around $1000!)


Ice blue LED dash lights

Project u racing brake front and rear ( standard brake is 0~500 degree, this one is 0~800 racing performance!)

Tension rod

Nismo gear knob

FMIC and front and dump pipeing kits

Gold TE37 looking 18" rims, tyres are still good

6000K HID

Eye lids

Autowatch alarm recently install

7" DVD player

New install Reverse camera

Leather seat cover bought from Japanese (Front seats)

Also come with these stuffs I took off from my car recently, will give them away for FREE:

Bride Fixed Bucket Racing Seat for driver side (It was $1800 each when brand new! Have been used for 1.5 years and its one of the best feeling bucket seat and hold ur body well on corners!)

HKS Turbo Gauage

Like new SSQV2 BOV (Used by less than 2000KM)

D1GP Drift steering wheel (deep dished) with boss kits

short shift gear shifter

standard exhaust

There are others that cant come to mind at the moment

Bad point (Brake in story abt my car, if not interested in it, plz ignore this part...):

I'm going to telling u guys all the truth abt my car, caz the new owner has the right to know everything happened to this baby before. The car was broke in 2 month ago (I think its because the car is too hot and thats why I have alarm in the car now, luckily they dont have time to take it away and I moved to a new house that have a indoor garage!), the buster smash the driver side window, damage my brand new Nismo speedo, passenger Bucket Racing Seat (I used to have them for a pair for $2800, what a nightmare!), momo steering wheel, leather arm rest cover and handbrake cover, and some other paint damage here and there...... But now everything has been fixed, car had a respraed and now looks great again, put the standard front seats back, still keep the driver side racing seat, replaced a new arm rest, window glass and handbrake cover, using another momo steering wheel which I got from my friend's Auto R34 for free, but the buyer will get a D1GP one anyway, so no need to worry abt that. I bought another standard R34 speedo 3 weeks ago from ebay, it reads more kms on the clock than it should be, but I can provide the ebay transaction detail to show u where I get it from and all the import paper work to prove that it was only around 56000KM 2 years ago, caz I'm only a international student, so only drive it from home to city or go shopping and there is no need to use the car that much.

I spend at least $15000~$20000 on it, saddly I have to let it go AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!

I would sell it for around $23000, but caz its a VERY VERY URGENT sale, so all the offer will be considered!!! If u are still worried abt the speedo, I even may consider to provide another BRAND NEW NISOM SPEEDO depends on the final price!!! (I have friends in Jap doing drifting, so can organise it quickly!) if u like this sweet baby and wanna take it from me, plz contact me through PM or SMS or call me on 0433566067, then we may try to work out price, and its very very NEGOTIABLE!!! Have to sell it in 2 or 3 weeks caz I'll be very busy in the last week to get ready to home oversea! Come to look at it, and I'm sure u will like it!

Best wishes







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Hi, I'm very interested your car,,,how much is your best price you can take,,,because I'm selling my car as well...so if you can let me know what is your best price we can work something out,......nice car good luck with sale,,,,,,pm me [email protected].....

Hi mate, I got someone coming this weekend to look at the car, if its not sold then I'll let u know.

Still have no idea how much I can go lower, so the best way is coming to check it first, I'll point out all the bad point to u then we can start to talk abt the price, actually 23k is already a good price for everything I give away~~~ But yeah, talk abt price after u see the car man.


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what a nice car! why dont you take the car with you overseas? i did. chances are the car is worth much more where you are going!

What a great idea man!!! BTW all the cars in that palce is LHD though............ but still wanna say thanx man, I really love this baby and will buy a R34GTR once I'm back to Australia!!!

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Thanx for ur free support man! :(

Btw just wanna justify here, yes its urgent sale, and thanx to all the offers coming this days, but plz stop pushing me to sell it for $10K or other offers less than $20K :) , plz still be reasonable guys~~~


if you wanna sell it quickly youll have to beat all the other r34 that are selling for under 15k... and if your going over seas why didnt you organise to sell it sooner then rush into it... hmmmmm

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if you wanna sell it quickly youll have to beat all the other r34 that are selling for under 15k... and if your going over seas why didnt you organise to sell it sooner then rush into it... hmmmmm

I wasn't planning to go back at beginning~ wanna stay here and Australia is a great place! Just made the decision by my parents few weeks ago, and its left hand drive there, so saddly cant take it with me...... But I'm sure I'll be back in a few years! Next time will be a GTR!!! I hope..........

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